Direction Down

(Again me doing a book about four guys as aren't nice) They took me and they didn't care about me. It was my nightmare and my hell. I don't think they even saw what they did. Not until it was to late.


5. It's over

"There's breakfast downstairs in the kitchen!"
I opened my eyes. Harry crawled into bed and he took his arms around me. We were now alone and the other beds were empty. He kissed mu hair and he was close to my back. I frowned. Did he think that I would accept him now? Just what after it all as had happened? Harry seemed different, some how. He didn't seem to be that guy who looked down on me, or maybe he was just in another mood?
"That as happened yesterday..." I began, but immediately he forced me down on my back so that I saw him. He lay down on top of me and he smiled with his whole face. His curly hair was hanging down almost creating a cover over my face.
"What happened yesterday was unbelievable." he said with a more satisfied voice. "You can't tell me that you change your mind now, because it was wonderful."
I continued to frown.
"Harry, you are crazy?"
He laughed a little bit.
"No, we're just wanted to do something odd with all friends, and I'm so glad you're here."
I was about to say something when he kissed me. His lips just sunk down over mine and it was as if he thought I felt something special for him.
"Stop!" I mumbled, but he chose not to care about my words. I noted that he was as naked as me and he made me spread my legs for him. I couldn't resist. He knew what he would do and when he penetrated, I was already far away in my mind. It was as if I just accepted that he wanted and he made me want to.
"You are mine!" he muttered hoarsely between kisses and I felt how deep inside me he was. I whimpered, but I tried not to make it audible. Yet he knew that I went with him. He moved smoothly, quickly and easily over me. It was as if it didn't require many movements to get me to land in fog. His kisses were more than just kissing and indeed it was as if we fit together.


"The food is...!"
Louis appeared but for once I didn't care that he did. I was inside all as Harry gave me and I held my arms tightly around his neck.
"Later!" Harry mumbled hoarsely, and he pounded harder right into me. I was like a falling angel. I didn't care about that Louis was there, in the doorway, and I wanted to finish this, as Harry had begun.
"But we have food down there!" Louis muttered sullenly. Harry was moving faster and he caused chaos in my lower region of the body. I moaned and I narrowed our lips. Okay, I liked this! I hated that Harry was with the others and I hated that he was the cause of the party, along with the others. But I loved what he did to my body.


I almost cried when I arrived. It was as if the water came, and my whole body was flooded. I felt everything just by drenching my body and Harry got it all to be just too much. I couldn't control myself and I shook with everything that I was. He came after me and I felt how he thumped in everything he had into me. Then he sank down over me and we were breathless. We breathed quickly and our sweaty bodies were like a single sponge.
"But you ought to eat!"
Louis was still there. I couldn't worry about him. Harry kissed me and then he growled against the door.
"Can't you just give us room?"




I was ashamed. It was as if I realized, when we came down to the kitchen, that this was wrong. Yet Harry held my hand and he made sure I got food in my stomach. He wanted to take care of me, but how do you take care of a girl who doesn't want help? I didn't even wanted to have a boyfriend, not least them! I decided to swallow my pride and I chose to try to eat. He gave me tea, eggs and bacon. I even got a sandwich and he gave it to me because I needed it.


I found a vacant shower. In the bathroom there was everything that I could need and in the end I washed my dirty body. It was as if I wanted to scrub away the things that had happened. I didn't even want to remember that I had been with Liam and then with Harry. I suspected that even Louis and Niall wanted to do something with me, but I wanted to forget that feeling. I just wanted to be me. As soon as I had got my clothes on, but no panties, I made a new attempt with my cell phone. Still, I couldn't dial out, or home, or even anywhere.




They had put out tables and chairs everywhere and there were those who seemed to enjoy this morning, as if they were on vacation. In the kitchen, it was up laid up everything that you could eat. Fruit, sandwiches, oatmeal, cereal and everything else. I didn't even know if I was hungry. I noted that Sophia was sitting at a table, but she wasn't talking to Liam. Instead she was flirting with another guy. Liam stood merely at the door and he didn't mind seeing her with another man. Instead, he put the interest to me and when I was on my way into the kitchen, he smiled big.
"You slept late today, or was it because of a certain Harry?"
I chose not to answer the question. I went instead up to a teacup, chose tea and poured the water into the cup. I was annoyed when Liam immediately put himself behind my back.
"We have more planned!" he whispered happily. "And maybe you and I can have a little fun together, later, again?"
I spun around and I was about to say something mean, when he took hold of me. He took one hand around my back and one hand behind my head and he kissed me. There was no time to resist, and he was strong.


"Why the hell did you kiss me?" I growl as soon as I got the chance. He held me still in his arms and he smiled big.
"Because I'm going to replace Sophia and take you."
I quickly shoved him away and I shook on my head.
"I don't want you!"
He grinned happily.
"Not now!" he got up. "But I know I can get you to just want just me, if you just give me time."
I didn't know why he didn't even bother me. I had never flirted with him and I was anything but a girl he wanted.

"Stop!" growled I therefore cold. "I wont betray my best friend, only because her stupid boyfriend is a jerk."


I chose to eat my breakfast far away from everyone else. I didn't feel like being social and I actually began to realize that I had to try to escape from the house. But the problem was that I had no idea where I would go. I just knew we were in the forest, far away from everyone else and I'd get lost if I even tried.


"You shouldn't be like a bitch!"
I looked up. Louis came up to my table and he sat down on the chair next to me. I noted that he was serious and I felt that it was due to something.
"I am who I am!" I soon developed. He raised his eyebrows and he watched my face carefully.
"And therefore you have to fuck with Harry as soon as you get the chance?"
I was about to put the tea in my throat. I just stared at him.
"It was your game that put me in his power."
Louis smiled weakly.
"Yesterday, yes, but not today?"
I should had been ashamed over that I so easily had done what Harry had wanted, but I tried not to regret it.
"And?" I replied cold. "What does that have to do with you?"
Louis put his head askew and he looked straight into my eyes.
"You really haven't understood anything?"
I frowned and all the thoughts spun around.
"Well, you're all dying to do it with everyone and everything?"
He laughed a little bit.
"No, we are hungry for you."
I just wanted to scream at him, but I kept myself calm.
"First, I don't want a single one of you, not as a boyfriend, not as a friend, or anything else, and secondly, you aren't directly the material as a girl wants, as boyfriend."
He laughed a little bit and he put his hand on my thigh. I was about to remove his hand, but he looked sternly at me.
"Lilly!" he whispered. "I wont let you get away tonight. I'll make sure you get a taste of me."
I was about to stand up. He held his left hand harder around my tight and he made me sit still. He shook his head, and the smile grew bigger.
"I'm much better than Harry."
His hand slid up, and by this time were all aware that I wasn't wearing any panties. He caressed my thigh at the top and I was sure he even let his fingers brush against my pubic hair.
"Let me give you a bit of me." he continued. I was just disgusted. For once, I was glad that Harry appeared. Direct Louis took his hand away and he chose to look at Harry.
Harry sat down opposite to me and he just smiled at me.
"Good morning."


Okay, I began to understand the a reason that four guys were all over me. Slowly I realized that they were here to get me, or at least to test me. The only thing that contradicted that theory was that they also flirted with other girls, maybe not in the same way as they flirted with me? I kept myself away during the morning. I talked to all the others and I was walking around the house a few yards. I didn't dared to escape from there. The forest was big and I understood that we were in the wilderness.




"Liam likes you!"
I looked up at Sophia. She sat down next to me but she looked as if she was happy for that view.
"He's yours!" I got up. She laughed a little bit and she shook her head.
"No, honestly, he has never been mine. He has been cheating all the time and I'm going to put an end to our relationship."
I didn't know what to say. Yes, it would be good if she came away from Liam, but the question was whether he would start running after me or not?
"Well maybe you should..." I swallowed. What would I say? She didn't care about my opinion.
"Lilly, if you want him, you just say it to him." she whispered happily. "I'm not mad and I will never be angry, but I can be honest and say that you will never be his only girl."
I had already guessed that part.
"I'm not interested in Liam!" I said. "Please, Sophia, I don't want him."
This time, she was relieved and she smiled a little bit.
"Okay, so you don't intend to flirt with him?"
I shook my head and I smiled at her.
"No never!"


But Liam had a different opinion. He showed up and he sat down next to me. He didn't even look at Sophia. I was on my way to stand up, only so that he would talk to her, but quickly he stopped me.
"She knows that I want you Lilly!"
I frowned and I avoided looking at him.
"And she knows that I don't want you."
Sophia changed. She was no longer confident and she looked down at the floor. I had long suspected that Liam had power over her, but I hadn't previously seen how inferior she really was. Liam was dominant, but that wouldn't prevent her from telling what she felt.
"I wont give up so easily." he muttered hoarsely, and then he looked at her, for the first time. "And it's over between us."
Sophia just nodded. One side of her seemed relieved, but she still looked sad.
"Well I understand that!"
Liam frowned at her.
"So you can go away from here so that I may be alone with Lilly!"
I panicked when Sophia obeyed him. Liam was holding my arm tightly and he made sure that I stayed. I didn't even get the chance to stand up.


When we were alone, he looked straight at me and it was as if he wanted to convince me.
"You have nothing with Harry. I know you like him, but I know I can give you so much more."
I chose to be sensible. I chose to partially lying.
"He's anyway not hard on me."
Liam smiled awry.
"I can also be soft."
I shook my head, still I couldn't look into his eyes.
"Harry is prettier!"
Liam laughed.
"Please Lilly, he looks like a jerk. You need a mature man, such as me."
I was about to say something more when he continued.
"You saw that I broke up with Sophia and now you have me. I suggest that we do more things today, tonight, together. I can show and prove that I am a mature man."
I shook my head.
"You're always unfaithful and you think you own your girlfriends. I don't want that relationship."
He became more serious.
"It's a lie!" he whispered. "I don't own a single person, but I always show what I want and I'm honest."


I was shaking all over when I finally got away from Liam. I went out into the fresh air and I felt panic. Why did he thought I wanted him? He and Sophia were a couple, I was just in the way. I tried to collect my thoughts. This was a vicious nightmare?

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