Direction Down

(Again me doing a book about four guys as aren't nice) They took me and they didn't care about me. It was my nightmare and my hell. I don't think they even saw what they did. Not until it was to late.


1. introduction

"You have to follow me to the party!"
Sophia looked beseechingly at me and I knew why she wanted me to come. Liam's friends were singles and they needed girls. I didn't want to come. They treated girls like toys, and still I was surprised that she stood out with Liam. Perhaps that love makes you blind?
"No!" I mumbled cold.
"Well!" she said immediately decided. "They want to meet you. It was so long time ago as you were with me and they want to get there."
I rolled my eyes.
"I don't like their style." I replied quickly. "I don't like when guys think they may touch all my body parts and then they just laugh when I say no."
She sighed.
"They're just a little overwrought" she whispered hoarsely. "I promise it will be fun. I know that the guys might be a little different, but I promise it will be a fun party. They will have games and music and everything."
I gave Sophia a knowing look.
"Games?" I put weight on the word. "All they have in the head is sex and porn."
She shook her head quickly.
"No, I was actually with Harry and played golf the other day. We didn't have sex and he was..."
I growled and I interrupted her.
"Don't you see how they are? Liam looks at you as if you were his property and he only wants what guys want."
She sighed and I saw how disappointed she was. No, I shouldn't have been so hard on her, but it was how I felt. The last time I met them was their hands all over my body. It ended up with that I left the party angry and since then, I had done everything possible to not see them again.
"Liam's actually kind!" She whispered a little uncertain. "Yes, when he drinks, he might get a little crazy, but when we are alone, he shows that he cares. It's not just the sex."
I went up to her and I gave her an apologetic hug.
"Why must precisely I come?"
She hugged me back and then we drifted apart.
"Liam said it would be fun and there will be many more than us at the party this time. It will surely come fifty people and you know they can't then be such idiots as they can be."


Lilly, me, said yes to the party. I don't know why I said yes, but I did it just because Sophia was my friend. In front of me I saw lots of people and for me it would be impossible for these guys to be the idiots as they were last time. I was nineteen years old, I wasn't a virgin, but I wasn't a girl who prefer different guys. I was a traditional girl. I wanted to get married, have children, live in houses and have a good job that I liked. I saw myself as a businesswoman, in the future, and I knew that one day I would reach my goal. I thought about to get two children, but as all the girls, I knew that I might meet a guy who wanted more or less in number. For me it just about to fit into society, get what everyone got and try to leave an imprint.




"It will be so fun!"
Sophia called me on Thursday just to see that I really would go. I sighed, and I sat down on the couch.
"When does it start?"
She giggled and I heard that she was in a clothing store on purchasing new clothes.
"Around six o'clock. We will go by bus to a secret place where we will party. Liam has been busy all week."
I should have guessed. I should already realized that something wrong was going on.
"Oh, a bus?"
She didn't seemed to care.
"Yes, a few mile outside the city, Liam said. There's a house as they have made a house to something big, where to have fun. They have a dance floor, bar and no neighbour as complaining about the loud music."


Okay! I wasn't with my normal brain. A house in the countryside, far away from everyone else? Forest and no neighbours? I should have understood. I should have guessed. I should have guessed me to what they wanted. Nevertheless, I thought they had changed and that they were more mature. Okay the guys liked beer and parties, but I did anyway thing somewhere in my head that they could be more like ordinary people. I had no idea how wrong I was.

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