Direction Down

(Again me doing a book about four guys as aren't nice) They took me and they didn't care about me. It was my nightmare and my hell. I don't think they even saw what they did. Not until it was to late.


9. Home

I woke up in a dark room. The only light there was came from a single candle still shone. I was lying against Louis chest and he held me. I heard he slept and slept behind me Liam. We were all three naked on the bed, the black sheet and I either froze or felt embarrassed. I slowly began to remember everything that had happened. Okay, this weekend wasn't as I had expected, but at the same time I can't say that it was good. It was too much violence and too much sex for me to accept everything. To many guys that wanted me.


Right as it was, the door opened and in came Niall and Harry. I gasped in surprise and I heard Liam woke up.
"Why do you do everything without us?" Niall mumbled a little sulkily. "We also wanted to be here with her?"
Liam yawned and he stretched his body.
"I had promised Louis to make sure he got the chance."
Harry frowned and he went up to the bed. Louis had awakened and he looked foggy up on them.
"So you took her?" Harry mumbled a little sulkily. "So did you hit her?"
Louis shook his head quickly.
"Liam was here all the time and he saw that I was a nice guy."
I tried to hide my body but at the same time, they all had already seen everything. Harry looked at me and he seemed to look for bruises.
"Did he hurt you?"
I shook the head.
Harry seemed pleased, and he then looked at Liam.
"Couldn't we have come with you?"
Liam laughed a little bit.
"I needed you among the guests and they needed you more."
Niall didn't agree with him.
"They are on their way home now and even Sophia has left the house."
Liam snorted when he heard her name. Self I reacted that everyone was going home. I sat up.
"And what about me?"
Louis quickly pulled me down again and he smiled a little bit.
"Darling, you are in no hurry to go back to your life?"
I frowned.
"But you said I could go home today?"
I felt Liam's arms around my body.
"Yes, but not when."
I wanted to resist.
"Can anyone do so that I come home?"
Liam laughed a little bit and he kissed my cheek.
"First, you should take a shower and get clean first, and maybe we should eat some food?"


Okay, I chose not to be too be reluctant. I went into the bathroom, which was actually quite large. I stood in the shower and I washed myself carefully, especially between my legs. I wanted to come home clean and in a way I knew I just wanted to repress the weekend. Okay, they had given me something to remember, but at the same time I felt ashamed. I had been with different guys and it wasn't like me, I didn't do a thing like that when I was home.




I had a towel around the body, when I went into the room again. I was looking for my dress and quickly I discovered that it was gone. I looked up at the guys. Niall and Harry was now naked and everyone seemed to be waiting for me. I swallowed.
"You're not serious?"
Harry grinned and he smiled at me.
"Well, we always mean seriously?"
I frowned. I saw that they had changed the sheets on the bed. Now the sheet was white and I noted that they had taken out toys and more. I shook my head quickly.
"I can't cope with more."
Niall came up to me and took my hand. Without a word, he pulled me to the bed.
"You need us." he murmured. "As much as we need you."
I wasn't with him on that idea.
"No, I don't need you."
Niall smiled and he looked at me.
"Well, you need us more than you can believe."


Louis took off my towel. Harry made sure I laid on the bed and Liam tied my hands to the headboard. I realized that I was in their hand. They could do what they wanted with me. Liam took my legs and then they tied even them to the bed, so that they were parted, but stretched out. I squealing.
"What will you do?"
Niall giggled and he came up to me with a hood, or if there was a cap? He took it over my head so that I didn't now see anything. I growled.
"You are crazy!"
I just heard noises around me. Right as it was, I felt something between my legs, something long and something as was smeared. I gasped when I felt it slid up and down over my sensitive part. Right as it was, I heard the sound of the vibrator and I felt it started to shake. Okay it was a dildo?


I couldn't do much with the body. I was stuck, but I felt more down there. I whimpered and I felt how I came to life. Another dildo popped up and I felt it penetrated. I moaned loudly and I closed my eyes, even though I had the hat over my eyes. I felt my body was brought up. I felt my clit loved it here and I felt how the other doldo slid in and out. My whole body was buckled, and I liked that feeling. A pair of lips met mine and I answered the desperate kiss. Faster movements in me and faster massage over my sensitive part. I whined louder and I tried to get away, but I was stuck.


I was about to come, when they released my feet free. Direct I folded up the legs and I spread my legs. I was so close that I could feel the tingle slowly turned to mist. But instead of giving me pleasure, they took away the two toys. I felt two hands around my waist and I felt someone penetrated. I heard moans and I felt how I became filled. I whimpered against the lips as was all over mine and I felt other lips against my breasts. I ended up in a fog. They were everywhere. They caressed me and kissed me. I think they took turns between my legs, but I wasn't sure. I couldn't even decide whether it was okay or not. My body was in every movement and in the end it was as if I just slid with them.




I woke up with pain everywhere, but it wasn't pain because of the violence, it was a pain because I had used all the muscles in the body. I was lying on my stomach in a dark room, on the bed. I felt lips against my back and how someone kissed my spine.
"Now you get to go home!" I heard Harry whisper. "We just wanted to do this for you and for us."
I frowned.
"What happened?"
He laughed a little bit.
"You reached the nirvana." he replied jokingly, and then I saw his face in front of mine. "Seriously, I think you lost the understanding. You came several times and you cried."
I was ashamed.
"But it was you who..."
He interrupted me.
"What happened this weekend are staying between us. We have dreamed of doing things with you for a long time and now we are happy. We promise never to bother you again or force you into this."
He kissed me softly on the cheek.
"We give back your freedom as a thank you and we promise that you can get on with your life."
I disagreed with him.
"I wont never forget what has happened."
Harry smiled and he pulled a hand through my hair.
"Neither are we!"




When I came home to the apartment, I felt transformed. I came home to a house that was mine, but everything felt so alien. Partly, I regretted that I had gone there with Sophia, but after a while I realized that I couldn't regret it. Although they had forced me, I had liked it. I was forced to face the truth. I couldn't change what had happened, but now I was free from them.





*Will be more....

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