Raven (1D AU)

Raven Knight isn't your average 20-year-old. After witnessing a traumatic event, she moves to London. A fresh start. Harry Styles - his life is going downhill. He's hiding a dark secret.


1. Prologue - Don't Leave Me


Prologue - Don't Leave Me


I step out of the shop, the warm air hitting my face. Summer is nearly over, I’m dreading having to wear a coat outside. I spot my boyfriend standing by the fence separating the path from the road. He’s standing tall, his stance rigid, as if he is protecting something. As if there is some sort of danger nearby. I step forward cautiously, is something wrong? I’ve never seen him act this way. My grip on the plastic carrier bag tightens. Leaning against the fence is a stranger, I don’t recognise them. Do they know each other? Are they arguing? Something doesn’t seem right.

I open my mouth to speak, but a flash of silver catches my eyes and the words I wanted to say were lost in the night.  

Time seems to slow down as I watch my boyfriend fall to the floor while clutching his stomach. The man turns and jumps over the fence before bolting across the road and down another street.

I let out a cry and run towards my boyfriend, dropping the bag in the process. The drinks I had bought crashing to the floor. When I reach him, I crouch down and I repeat his name over, and over. His name is the only thing I can say.

This has to be a nightmare. This can’t be real.

So much blood . . . too much blood!

“A-ambulance.” I choke out, tears are pouring down my face. I reach into my pocket and try to grasp my phone.

“It’s okay, dear, I’ve called them.” Someone reassures me.

“Don’t leave me,” I beg. “Please, don’t leave me . . .” 




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