Too many faces

Gem the girl that looks around and keeps her head up until she meets this one boy who has so many sides it's confusing until she finds him out.


2. What kind of person is he ?

Gem's point of view 

I put on a Tennessee top, blue light shorts , and black boots I put my hair up in a high ponytail Then I walked to school when I got there the bell rang so I just walked to my first class Until some jerk runs into me 

Michael-" watch were your going " 

Gem-" how about you be careful which way you take " 

God this boy is complicated to figure out he's a jerk a first then he's nice weird I sit down next to his friend cause my seat was already taken 

Calum-" are u gonna yell at us this time " 

Gem-" depends are u going to be annoying " 

Calum-" someone has a bad attitude " 

Gem-" whatever what's the deal with your friend " 

Calum-" what do you mean?" 

Gem-" he's a jerk at first then he goes to nice then back to being a jerk again " 

Calum-" it's very easy to keep up " 

Gem-" how?" 

Calum-" you can figure that out but becareful" 

Gem-" why?" 

Calum-" cause if you figure him out you can't use anything against him " 

Gem-" ok thanks um" 

Calum-" it's Calum " 

Gem-" and I'm ge-" 

Calum-" gem I know and my friend's name is Michael " 

Gem-" thanks " 

Calum-" no problem " 

Looks like this is something I have to figure out and play the game that goes along with it.





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