Too many faces

Gem the girl that looks around and keeps her head up until she meets this one boy who has so many sides it's confusing until she finds him out.


4. Round 2

Gem's point of view 

I go to my locker when I saw Michael hanging out with some girl I shrug it off 

Calum-" good morning " 

Gem-" hi what's up with you " 

Calum-" You know kesie " 

Gem-" nope "

Calum-" well I'm throwing a party for her and I need your help " 

Gem-" alright fine " 

Calum-" what can I do without you " 

Gem-" everything " 

* later on that night * 

The party is awesome I got to meet Luke and Ashton 

Calum-" hey gem come over here " 

I walk over to see Calum with the girl I saw earlier with Michael 

Calum-" gem this kesie " 

Gem-" hi " 

Kesie-" hi " 

So Michael has a rule breaker side and a love side god how can anyone keep up.

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