Too many faces

Gem the girl that looks around and keeps her head up until she meets this one boy who has so many sides it's confusing until she finds him out.


3. Play the game round 1

Gem's point of view 

I see Michael at his locker so it's a perfect time to talk to him 

Gem-" hi " 

Michael-" hi " 

Gem-" so what's your deal " 

Michael-" you can play this game to figure that out " 

Gem-" okay what's the goal to finish this round" 

Michael-" find out anything you can but that's the only thing I'm gonna say you figure the rest out " 

Gem-" okay " 

This is gonna be hard but I'm not backing down now I need to know what's up with him. 

* at home * 

Calum-" can't you leave it rest " 

Gem-" no " 

Calum-" he has many sides " 

Then right there struck me why would someone have so many sides god this makes it harder 

Gem-" really " 

Calum-" good luck figuring it out " 

Gem-" thanks " 

What other sides could he probably have and what would he use them for?


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