Too many faces

Gem the girl that looks around and keeps her head up until she meets this one boy who has so many sides it's confusing until she finds him out.


8. Me?

Gem's point of view 

I put on a white floral dress with a black waist band , black strap heels, and a white mask   I curl my hair apply white eyeshadow , mascara , eyeliner , black lipstick , and lip gloss i drive to the ball when I finally got there I went in 

* at the ball * 

I saw only Luke , Ashton , and Calum so far until a song comes on someone taps my shoulder through the mask I see its Michael 

Michael-" wanna dance " 

Gem-" sure " 

We go the dance floor and start slow dancing 

Gem-" is the game over " 

Michael-" what ?" 

Gem-" I know what your all about you have each side cause that is what some people expect you to be " 

Michael-" your right be you forgot someone else " 

Gem-" who?" 

Michael-" you " 

By a second he disappeares and I see a note on the floor I picked and up and read it 

Dear gem , the game is almost over yes you need to figure out the last round if you can't then you lose

Sincerely , Michael


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