Too many faces

Gem the girl that looks around and keeps her head up until she meets this one boy who has so many sides it's confusing until she finds him out.


7. Finally figured it out

Gem's point of view 

Me and Calum hang out for the day 

Calum-" maybe he wants to be a different person " 

Gem-" but why so many sides " 

But that's where it finally clicked all together 

Gem-" I know why " 

Calum-" what " 

Gem-" he uses the sides that his friends want to see" 

Calum-" good point don't forget tomorrow " 

Gem-" why what's tomorrow " 

Calum-" the floral black and white ball "

Gem-" okay I won't forget " 

Now I can finally tell Michael what I know.

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