Katniss and Cato

Katniss has just boarded the train after her sister was reaped and she volunteered in her place. Cato had just volunteered from 2 because that is just what they did there. When getting to the capital, they see each other and realize one thing. They are madly in love. (Big twist: Peeta and Katniss are best friends and Gale got reaped instead)


1. Chapter 1

After being reaped, We board the train. Gale looks like he has seen a ghost. The train takes off and after a few short days, we were in the capital. After being sent straight to our prep teams, we get sent to the stylists.

"Hello, I'm Cinna." I can already tell he isn't going to be a capital snob.

"Hi. So I guess your here to make me look pretty." I say.

"I'm here to help you make an impression." He says. I nod and let him talk about the outfit. It seems like something someone would wear to get people's attention. He helps me into the outfit and walks me outside. Gale is dressed in something similar.

"Okay you two need to smile." One of the ladies said. We hopped onto our chariot and grabbed onto the sides. The chariots took off in order. When it got close to our turn, Cinna lit is on fire. The horses pull us forward and towards the center of the capital. People chant our names. I mostly hear mine but every once in a while you can hear Gale's. Once we hit the center the other tributes looked at us probably thinking that once we get in, we will be the first ones dead. The District 2 male tribute keeps looking at me. What does he want? After the president talks and talks and talks, we are pulled back to the training center. We hop off the chariot and are greeted by Cinna, the prep teams, Gale's stylist, Haymitch, and Effie. Glares are still sent our way from the other tributes. The guy from District 2 still won't stop staring. This time he is smiling like he really doesn't want to kill me. But he does. Everyone does.

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