Denying the Truth

When all star softball player, Hope, gets diagnosed with cancer, she denies the truth for as long as she can still function like an average girl. Fidem, a young girl with more courage and optimism then anyone, is a young girl also in the hospital for a brain tumor that just won't go away. As Hope gets to know Fidem, she begins to learn the real meaning behind the word Hope, and the meaning that Faith has in the world.


3. Tour Day!

"Nothing is more exciting than meeting new people,

hearing their stories, and being inspired." - Anonymous



     Hope groaned.  It was already 6 a.m. and she wasn't ready to get out of bed.  Tour starts in two hours! Hope was so excited.  Turning on her phone, she found about a thousand texts (literally) from her team about the tour.  It looked like most of them didn't even sleep that night.  Most of them were things like "I can't wait to go to Nevada, that state was really pretty."  or "Can't wait to meet our fans!"  Some of them were about different plays they had, or about a strategy that they were working on.  Felicity sent me another text.


Wake uppppppp already.

It's tour dayyyyyyyyy.

Get uppppppp!!!!!

Okay, okay, I'm up.  Gezz I was trying to sleep.

You don't need to sleep!

Yeah I do cuz I didn't want to be falling

asleep when my fans were trying to talk to me

You're weird. 

Thanks.  I'm going to get ready for today.  See u later.

Okay bye!

     Hoe pulled on her uniform and put on her leg guards.  She practically lived in them, and didn't like being in her uniform without them on.  Going to the bathroom, Hope brushed her teeth, washed her face, put in contacts, brushed out her hair, french braided it, put in a red bow, and looked in the mirror.  The pain in her side returned and it almost made her gasp out loud with the intensity of it.  It went away after about a minute, but it still bothered her.  Hope came to the conclusion that she was just getting close to her monthly thing, so she blew it off.  It was now 7, and the bus should be arriving at her house soon to pick her up.  Sure enough, her phone rang, and her coach left a voice message saying that he was outside waiting.  

     Running downstairs, she grabbed her softball bag and cleats and went outside into the bus.  She already knew that her parents were gone at work, or were busy doing something else, so she left the door locked.  Getting on the now full bus, she went to her regular seat in the middle with Felicity.  

     "Who can't wait to get to the field?!"  Shouted Pattison.  Everyone cheered and the coached smiled as they celebrated.  Reaching the field, there was already hundreds of people lined up, and more arriving.  They pulled up almost on the field and as each player got out one by one, the crowd grew into cheers and claps.  When Felicity and Hope arrived on the field, the crowd went wild, even throwing stuff at them.  A long table was set up along the field so that the team would all sit in a line for signing.  First, a few of them had an idea, and running it past their coach, he agreed.  

     Taking off, a few of the team walked into the crowd getting pushed over by some of the people.  A few of them were already talking to some people in the crowd as they got in.  People were already lined up to talk to them and get a first glance at the team.  Hope smiled and she and Felicity joined up in the crowd.

     "Hope!  You're my idol!"  Came from some kids in the crowd and similar things were cheered for Felicity too. They got hugs, high fives, fist bumps, and even some questions on if they could kiss the people.  When Hope checked her watch, it was 7:55 and she and Felicity headed back to the field.  They practically had to fight their way through the crowd and eventually, the coach had to announce on the loud speaker to let all girls pass the crowd.  When they finally got to the tables, all the girls were exhausted and plopped down.  Pens were passed out, and the signing began.  Hope swore she signed about a thousand different things ranging from paper to hats, and gloves to gear.  She even put on someones gear for them.  Pictures were taken, and at 12, they had a lunch party on the field.  It turned into somewhat of a carnival and fun actives were set up.  All and all, it was a fantastic day.

     When the end of the day finally hit, all of us crashed on the bus.  

     "I never want to hold or see another pen in my life.  Ever."  Proclaimed Sara, the 2nd baseman.  

     "Sara, you realize that this is only our first state out of the 50 right?"  Hope pointed out.

     "UGHHHHHH.  My hand hurts already!"  The whole team laughed at that.  They stayed up a while to talk, but one by one, they all started heading off to the back of the bus where the beds were.  Hope and Felicity were still awake, but Hope was getting tired.

     "Alright, I think I'm going to hit the stack.  I'm really tired, and I don't know why, but I've been really tired lately.  I think it's that time of month."  Felicity laughed a little and finally relented to let Hope go back to her bed.


June 18, 2015 11:45 p.m.

It was the first day of the 50 state tour, and we're all so exhausted.  None of us want to see another pen or pencil in our lives, but seeing as how I'm writing with one, I guess I'm not too bothered right now.  I seem to be getting more tired, but I bet it's just because of that time of month.  :(  Anyway, it's weird not playing any games, but all the tournaments we've already participated in, or they're to easy.  The only thing that made me really sad was that my parents didn't show up.  I mean I get that my mom's a doctor and all, but she could've at least tired to come.  As of my dad, I don't know where he was today.  Other than that, I can't wait for the rest of our tour!  We get to go to some of the natural wonders of the world!  This is going to be an awesome tour!

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