Denying the Truth

When all star softball player, Hope, gets diagnosed with cancer, she denies the truth for as long as she can still function like an average girl. Fidem, a young girl with more courage and optimism then anyone, is a young girl also in the hospital for a brain tumor that just won't go away. As Hope gets to know Fidem, she begins to learn the real meaning behind the word Hope, and the meaning that Faith has in the world.


5. The Truth Surfaces

     Hope woke up in a hospital bed.  As she opened her eyes, light flooded her vision.  Groaning, she saw her mom and dad get up from the chairs beside her bed.  Speaking softly, as to not disrupt the serine surroundings, her parents fussed over her.  Well, her mom did.

     "Oh honey!  You're awake!  Ed, call the doctor please."  Her mom demanded her dad, and gently caressed her.  Feeling very uncomftorable, she pushed away her mom's hand.

     "Geez mom, I just passed out, it's not like I died."  Something flickered behind her mom's eyes.  Something of worry or sorrow, but it was gone before Hope could figure out what it was.

     "I know, sweet heart.  You're just my baby and when I got the call, it was like something shattered.  I was on call yesterday when they brought you in."  

     "I'm sorry mom, It was just a heat stroke or something like that.  I'm sure I'm fine."  At that moment, the doctor came in.  

     "Well now, the all star softball player is awake!  You took quite a knock out there.  You're lucky that we caught the -"  Her mom cut him off right before he told her what he had caught.

     "Yes, but we haven't had time to talk about what happen to her, doctor."  A meaningful glance, and a clearing of the doctors throat addressed whatever situation they were talking about.  

     "Okay, then, you will be staying here in the hospital for about 2 weeks more, and then you can go on your way - "  Shocked by the time span of how long she would be staying, she had to interrupt.

     "Excuse me, it was just a heatstroke.  I have a tour to be on, and I'm going to be there.  I'm fine now."  Her mom looked at the doctor.

     "Will you let me talk to her?"  Nodding, he headed out, and left them to talk.  Tears filled Hope's eyes as she saw that she might have to miss the tour.

     "Hope, honey.  You didn't pass out because of a heat stroke.  You passed out because you have cancer."  Her mom began crying.

     "I have what?  No, that's impossible.  I can't have cancer there is absolutely no way."  Maybe she was just denying it because she didn't want to face the face that her softball career could be over, or maybe it was because it was because she didn't want to be sick.  Maybe it was because she was just being selfish and thinking that she wasn't sick at all.  

     "I am doing the tour, and you can't stop me, this is my dream, and it's finally coming true.  Nothing will ever take me off the field.  Nothing.  Not even cancer.  So they can do whatever, but I will not miss my tournament next year, it's the biggest on of my career.  I have been waiting for this my whole life, and high schools and colleges are scouting us right now.  You have a year deadline, mom, to figure this out or my whole life will be destroyed."  Hope knew her mom didn't deserve this, but she was too overwhelmed by the diagnosis to think straight.  She picked up her phone and turned it on.  All the messages from her friends were around her having cancer and hoping that she would get better, and what they would do without her.  

     She text Felicity, and immediately got a response.

Felicity, help me.  What am I going to do?

OMGosh! ur okay!

Or at least ur awake.

Felicity I was diagnosed with cancer, and I 

don't know what to do!

I know, and I don't

know what to say, ur my best friend and 

if anything happen to you, I'd hate myself.

You'll get thu it. Ur the strongest person I know.

Thanks.  R u going to come over?

The team is going to kill me for telling u,

but the whole tour has been cancelled for now

until you can come with us. We're going to be

at the hospital in a day.

Really?  Wow, thanks!

Yeah, you are like our best player, 

everyone loves you, and we're so close

that the whole team is devastated.  We

have vowed to not play a single game 

until you can play with us.

Aww, thanks!  I love you guys!  

You're the best.


Oh doc's coming in, I gtg see you!

Stay strong Hope. It's in your


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