Denying the Truth

When all star softball player, Hope, gets diagnosed with cancer, she denies the truth for as long as she can still function like an average girl. Fidem, a young girl with more courage and optimism then anyone, is a young girl also in the hospital for a brain tumor that just won't go away. As Hope gets to know Fidem, she begins to learn the real meaning behind the word Hope, and the meaning that Faith has in the world.


2. The Night Before Tour

"I don't care if I'm tired.  Staying up late texting the team is better than sleeping." - Anonymous


June 17, 2015 11:20 p.m.

It has been a week since we won our 25 tournament, and so much has happen.  Felicity and I are going to go to Africa to visit children who don't have the privileges that we do.  We'll be able to bring them school supplies as well as food, water, and clothing!  The rest of our team is coming too!  Then we're going on tour to all the states again for signings and photo's.  We'll get to meet a bunch of fans and it will be fantastically magical!  I have 10 high schools that are asking me to come and join them next year, with all expenses paid!  Felicity and I are going to the same high school, that much we've determined, we just don't know which.  We also have colleges offering us scholarships too!  Mom and dad are so proud.  Ohh, what could go wrong?  


     I finished writing in my journal, and I fell back into my bed.  I still couldn't believe that we won that tournament!  My phone was having a seizure with all the text messages from my team mates.  We all couldn't wait to get started on traveling again.  I silenced my phone and just lay in my bed.  Soft knocking came on my door, and my mom entered my room.

    "Hey Kit-Kat."  Kit-Kat was my mom's nickname for me.  I loved Kit Kat's so she just adopted the name for me.

    "Hey mom.  So will you be able to make it to the Arizona signing?  I mean it's our home town and all.  I know you're busy but..."  My mom kissed my forehead.

    "Yeah, I should be able to.  I know that your dad wants to come.  When is it again?"  

     "We're starting in Arizona, so tomorrow."

    "I will defiantly be there!"  I smiled.

    "Thanks Mom!"  

    "No problem.  Anything for my Kit-Kat."  She hugged me again and left the room.  Not two minutes later, I heard another knock, this time my dad entered the room.  He ruffled my hair and threw me a softball that was laying by my door.  Without thinking, I snatched it out of the air.

     "I will never know how you do that.  Never."  I smiled again.


     "I'll say.  So I hear your tour is starting tomorrow!  When do you come here?"

     "Dad, the tour starts here in Arizona.  We're not just going to start in some other state you know."  He laughed.  We had always gotten along better that I had with my mom.  Not that there was any problem with my mom, it was just it felt like my dad understood me better than anyone in the world.

     "Well, I now that sport, but I mean what if you started in Texas next time?  Then that would be a curve ball thrown your way!"

     "Then I'll catch that ball, and throw it back straighter than an arrow."  

     "Alright, get some rest sport, you have a big day tomorrow."  

     "Okay dad.  Night."  Once he left the room, I turned my phone on again.  I wasn't too surprised to see that I had missed 20 calls from various people on the team, including about 30 other calls from unknown numbers.  I had about 40 texts from people I didn't know, so I blocked them, and deleted them.  I looked at my text count from there, and I had about 894 new messages from the team.  I started a private message with Felicity.


Hey. How r u doing?

Fine. Despite the fact I had about 40 messages from random strangers.

Lol. That happens to me all the time girl.

Can't wait for the tour! It's going to be AWESOME


So what are you doing?

Sitting in bed, relaxing my arm because it's sore. HBU?

Laying in bed, wondering what it would be like to have a normal life.

Hope! This is normal life! It's perfect. I hope it never changes.

Me too Felicity. UGHHH our team never shuts up. I swear, they text wayyyyyy too much!

Hope, you realize that we probably text back an forth together in one day, then the whole team texts in one week, right?

Yeah, I guess you're right.

OMGosh, it's already 12, I have to go to bed, I'm exhausted. See u in the morning!

U 2. G'night

G'night. LV U!

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