Denying the Truth

When all star softball player, Hope, gets diagnosed with cancer, she denies the truth for as long as she can still function like an average girl. Fidem, a young girl with more courage and optimism then anyone, is a young girl also in the hospital for a brain tumor that just won't go away. As Hope gets to know Fidem, she begins to learn the real meaning behind the word Hope, and the meaning that Faith has in the world.


6. Fidem

"Don't let your happiness depend on what you might lose." - C.S. Lewis

     Hope was laying in her hospital bed, staring listlessly out the window that revealed the mountains.  It had been a week since she was diagnosed, but she still denied that she had cancer.  There was no way, she was athletic, did everything right, and always ate well.  

     The team was supportive, and they were still standing strong.  Though they longed to play, they made sure that Hope could finish the tour first.  It would start up again a week from that day, and Hope couldn't wait to go out and enjoy life again.

     "You're the new girl, aren't you?"  A voice startled her out of her thoughts.  When she turned, she faced a young girl.

     "Um, yeah, do you even know who I am?  And why are you in my room?"  The girl didn't have any hair, and there were some scars that ran across her scalp.  A smile was etched on her face as she walked over to Hope's bed.  

     "I'm Fidem, it means Faith.  And by the name on your bed, I would guess you're Hope?"  How could this little girl not know who I was?  Youngest star on the Softball field, and loved everywhere.

     "Okay, whatever.  Why are you in here?"

     "Well, this is my room too, and I came to say 'hi'"

     "How is this your room too?  I haven't seen you in the past week."

     "I have been in the ICU because I was in a coma, just got out of it about 4 days ago, but they kept me there.  You see, I have a brain tumor, but it won't go away.  Even with surgery I'm not getting better."  Oh so that's who's stuff was in my room.

     "I'm sorry to hear that.  I hope that you get better."

     "It's okay!  Sometimes the most devastating things in life are the best things that will ever happen to us.  I'm fine with it, because I've gotten to see things that most people will never be able to, or feel things that only I will be able to."  How could this girl be so happy about this situation?  She had a freaking brain tumor!  How was she so positive?

     "Yeah, well I have cancer so if you can, find something good about that."  Fidem's face grew sober.

     "Look, I've heard about you, I know you have cancer, and that you're an all star softball player.  I get that.  The thing is, people like us, we have something that no one else wants.  You just have to embrace it, not deny it.  Yeah, you have cancer.  But if you're half the fighter I know you are, and the fighter that I've heard you are, you'll be just fine.  I've been here for 2 years.  I've seen people go in and out, I've seen death, and I've seen bad things happen.  But the one thing that I have seen, the one thing that is the only thing you need to hold onto, is Life.  Your name is Hope.  You have the hope of the world within your own name!"  Hope was now getting really tired of this kid.  She was way too happy about a situation that was so miserable.  

     "Do you have somewhere else to be kid?"  Fidem's face fell.

     "Yeah, I guess.  Tonight I'm going back into surgery, I just thought I'd say hi.  Just know, that there's always hope even in the darkest times.  You just may have to be the hope before you find your own."

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