Denying the Truth

When all star softball player, Hope, gets diagnosed with cancer, she denies the truth for as long as she can still function like an average girl. Fidem, a young girl with more courage and optimism then anyone, is a young girl also in the hospital for a brain tumor that just won't go away. As Hope gets to know Fidem, she begins to learn the real meaning behind the word Hope, and the meaning that Faith has in the world.


7. Dreams

     What did Fidem know about hope?  She was just a little kid with a stupid brain tumor.  Wasn't she?  Hopes thoughts were interrupted by a nurse coming into the room.

     "Hi, I'm Nenkora, and I'm your attending nurse.  I'm here to escort you to the chemotherapy room."  Hope sighed, this was part of the deal, they treat something that's not there and then they leave her alone.  Sighing, she got up out of bed and into the wheelchair she had set out for me. 

     "Have you met Fidem yet?  She's a charming little girl."  

     "Uh yeah, I met her.  Not so sure on the charming part, she talks too much."  The nurse softly laughed.

     "Fidem was mute for a few months because her brain tumor affected her speech.  When a miracle happen and it shrunk making it possible for her to start talking.  She's the ray of sunshine of this hospital."  A ray of sunshine?  Hardly.  She was noisy and obnoxious.  She didn't even know who I was!

     As Hope was wheeled down the hallways, Hope saw a lot of kids sitting in their rooms or sleeping.  Those were the kids who were really sick, not her.  We got to a room that looked out to the mountains, and there were various chairs set up with kids in them already.  There were wires and pumps, needles and iv's.  At the end of the rows, there was an empty chair, and Hope got out and sat down.  Two nurses started putting tape on her arm, and it formed a square.  A huge needle came down to her arm, and she closed her eyes as it went into my arm.  

     Hope assumed it was a few hours later, when she opened her eyes and felt horrible.  Looking around, she saw that she was back in her room and lying on my bed.  Extra pillows propped her up, and her right arm was really sore.  Groaning, she lifted her head off her pillow and fell right back down.  

     What the heck did that Chemo do?  Wasn't only supposed to make you feel bad if you had cancer?  I didn't have cancer, the doctors were wrong.  They couldn't have diagnosed me right.  Could they?  Hope thought.  At that moment, Nenkora came into the room.

     "Ahh, you're awake.  Good.  Actually, that's record time for how fast you woke up after chemo.  Normally, kids are out for a few more hours.  Fidem wanted me to tell you that she wishes you have a good chemo therapy session and that she hopes you're feeling okay.  She wanted to tell you herself, but she went into surgery while you were still asleep.  Hope, give the girl a chance, you'll find that you two aren't as different as you think."  Hope doubted that.  That kid was really sick, she wasn't.  

     "That kid, how did she get sick?"  The nurse smiled at Hope.  Finally seeing that somewhere, she really did care about everyone, and what was happening to herself.

     "Fidem was brought into the hospital in a coma.  She had collapsed when she was out in her backyard practicing softball with her dad.  When she came in, everyone was so sad that such a little girl would have a brain tumor as seriously as she did.  She woke up from the coma a few weeks later, and found that she couldn't talk.  The tumor had spread to the place that her brain sends signals on how to talk.  When she got one of her first surgery's, it was to remove what was blocking her vocal brain waves.  She came out, and was only positive after that.  Unfortunately, her tumor won't go away, and she may only have a year at the most to live."  Whoa, a year for that little girl?

     "Wait, did you say that she was playing softball when she collapsed?"  Nodding, the nurse kept talking.

     "Fidem was a good softball player, the best at her age if you ask me.  7 years old and could hit a softball farther than I've ever seen."  

     "Then how could she not know who I am?"

     "She does, but she didn't want to bring you down with what you were dealing with on top of your dreams.  She had the same dreams you did once.  Except they were gone before she could really live them.  Hope she sees how much softball means to you, and through you, she can see her own dream coming true right in front of her.  You have the capability to get better.  She can't.  You have to fight not only for yourself, but because Fidem sees her dreams in you.  And that's all that she's ever wanted."

     "Yeah, well this is my dream, not hers."

     "Will you just try and get to know her Hope?  If you keep being like this, even your dreams will not come true.  You have to fight for everything in life.  And you're going to have to fight harder.  I know you can, but this denial isn't going to keep you alive in your dream.  You have to be the hope before you get your own."


A/N 11/10/15 Sorry this is such a short chapter, some of the other ones will be longer.  Hope you enjoy!

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