The Twin Brother

This is the story of the twin of Luke Hemmings.

Hey, I'm Julian Hemmings. I'm the twin of Luke Hemming, but the only difference is that I have purple hair.


5. Chapter 4


          I got out of bed, and pulled on my skinny jeans, and tank top. I walked out of my room, and answered the door when the doorbell rang. I smiled when I saw Abbie and her younger sister Sierra. I hugged Abbie, and said  "Sierra, Luke's upstairs."   I saw her nod, but I saw Luke race down the stairs. I sat on the couch, and I felt Abbie sit beside me, and lay her head on my shoulder. I smiled, and put an arm around her.

"How have you been?" I asked, looking down at her. 

"Great, and I was wondering if you wanted to come to the mall with me." She said, smiling up at me. I nodded, and  I grabbed my phone off the table. I got up, and waved to ben, completely ignoring Luke, until he hugged me around the shoulders. I looked at him confused, but quickly left with Abbie by my side. I got in my yellow and black camaro, and saw Abbie get in the passenger side. 


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