The Twin Brother

This is the story of the twin of Luke Hemmings.

Hey, I'm Julian Hemmings. I'm the twin of Luke Hemming, but the only difference is that I have purple hair.


3. Chapter 2


       I sighed, and sat at the table by Ben. I felt him gently rub my back as I stared down at the table. I shook my head when mom asked if I was hungry, and I heard my dad say "Julian, eat." I glared up at him, and said "Maybe I do-" I felt Ben yank my chair closer to him, pulling me with it. I crossed my arms, and huffed.

I saw my mom watching me and Ben, and I heard her say, "Why do you only listen to Benjamin, sweetheart?" I looked up at her, and I felt a tear come to my eye.

I felt Ben engulf me in a hug, and say "Because I'm the only one who makes him feel like he can talk to me." I let the tears roll down my face, and onto Ben's shirt. I heard Luke say "Aww, is the baby crying?" I pushed away from Ben, and got up. I ran over to Luke, and pushed him off his chair, and onto the floor. I kicked him hard in the side, and I felt Ben yank me away, and sit me on the couch. I heard my mom say "Luke, why do you make these STUPID decisions?!" I crossed my arms, and pouted. It's not my fault he called me a baby..

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