Video Gaming [M.C]

it was just friday night and theses girls didn't know who Michael Clifford from 5 seconds of summer is..





My best Friend Rosie and I were playing Call of duty For what seems like FOREVER!

Of course we both talked to different people from around the world..

"Ugh.. you fucker you killed me!"

I yell looking at rosie as she laughed.

"What's his username?"

she asked as I sigh. 


I say looking at his XBOX profile as he had send a Voice message..

"I'm the guy you called fucker? you have a cute ass voice hunny"

I laugh with rosie..

"He's weird already"

"see if he has a picture of himself?"

Rosie said as Liv trys to find a picture of the MGClifford guy.

"he doesn't have a picture..."

Liv said Rosie took the remote from me and added 'MGClifford' In a xbox live party.

Rosie smirks and tells me to talk into the mic. she whispers 

"Why did you kill me fucker?"

I laugh and say what i was told as I hear 'MGClifford'  starting to speak

"well you really don't know how to play...And your a girl so.. I killed you"

I laugh as rosie laughs as i start to speak.

"That doesn't mean you Kill me fucker!!"

MCGlifford laughs

"My name isn't Fucker.. It's Michael what's your name punkrocker64"

I laugh as i smile to rosie 

"My name is Liv!!"

I say as Michael Laughs

"I am in Love with your voice!"

Everything went quiet until, Michael asked 

"what do you look like baby?"

I look at rosie and bite my lip

"What do i say?"

I ask whispering to her. Rosie looks up from her Iphone

"ask him what he looks like it won't hurt.. He might be cute"

She said smirking..Rosie takes the Mic

"what type of phone do you have? oh and what do you look like?"

Michael sounded confused..

"babygirl? did you change your cute voice I love? and oh i have a Iphone"

"it's rosie her best friend!! text her number"

I shake my head as rosie smirks

"her number is +61 245 4458"

I could hear Michael laugh

"okay i wanna get to see her-hey i gotta go my mates are calling me.."

I sigh as he starts to speak

"bye loves"

He says as the xbox says he was offline..






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