Video Gaming [M.C]

it was just friday night and theses girls didn't know who Michael Clifford from 5 seconds of summer is..


3. Skype


"What's your skype name Michael?"

Rosie asked as I hear Michael starting to speak


I laugh as I pull out my laptop and log onto Skype and type 'Hotdoggmike95' 

As I see this picture of what seems like a teenage boy who wants to be hairless

He didn't look to bad....hell he was adorable!

I start to back out as Rosie laughs

"No Bitch!!"

she said clicking on his username as it start to ring and it connected...

Tall,black hair,nice teeth

he seemed perfect...we had him on mute.. I was self conscious. Rosie was skinny,nice skinned,blue eyed.. She was perfect and I was nothing compared to her

"I like the girl with the blue eyes how are you doing babe?"

i hear Michael say..

"Liv your gorgeous baby..!"

he said once more looking at rosie


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