Video Gaming [M.C]

it was just friday night and theses girls didn't know who Michael Clifford from 5 seconds of summer is..


4. Skype part 2



"He likes you not me! What do I even doing trying to talk to someone who isn't into me?!"

I asked Rosie as I got up..

"why do I try..I like the guy in the picture and well he likes you!"

"Am I really that ugly?"

"I don't have good luck do I?!"


rosie says 

"No! Don't try and make this matter!!"

I said in tears.

"Liv baby look at the screen.."

I hear Michael say...

i shake my head as I walk out

"I'll be right back."

Rosie tells michael

"Get back in there and talk to him!"

rosie tells me as I shake my head

"you talk to him first!!"

Rosie goes back and talks to michael

"Hi Michael it's Rosie"

"where's Liv?"

michael asked worried

"she wants to be alone right now"

rosie said biting her lip


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