Video Gaming [M.C]

it was just friday night and theses girls didn't know who Michael Clifford from 5 seconds of summer is..


2. Phone call



"oh come on doctor who!!!!" Liv says as I start another episode of Doctor who.. we loved this show

Buzz buzz

"who the hell is that Rosie?" liv asked me.

"61 245 1045?" "Who could that be.?" I asked softly 

Liv shakes her head..

"hello?" I say into the phone

"hey who's this?" I asked biting my lip as I look over at Liv

"Oh you forgot me already? It's fucker aka Michael"

I laugh "hey it's Liv!"

Liv shakes her head at me.

"Hi rosie..where's my princess?" He asked.

i giggle and put him on speaker 

"she's right next to me." I say into the phone as Liv sits up 

"hi Michael." She says smiling

"hey princess. Are you guys able to skype?" He asked






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