Video Gaming [M.C]

it was just friday night and theses girls didn't know who Michael Clifford from 5 seconds of summer is..




"is she okay?"

Michael asked

"no who do you really like me or her?"

I asked Michael softly as a smile grew on his face

"I like my baby Liv.."

"but I understand if she doesn't wanna talk to me Rosie."

Michael said hurt


it's been a few days since I've heard from the girls.

the last time I heard from them I mistaken Rosie for Liv and she got really upset I have been really busy with the tour and preparing for the concerts I haven't had time to contact them. I've felt like shit I had messed it up for Liv and I ever being together. there was something about her that made me feel different...

"Michael! stop day dreaming!"

Ashton told me as I shake my head

"Ashton I want her here."

"what can I do? she's just a fan."

I was shocked

"she's not a fan! she's my girl. she's the girl I'll protect through thick and thin.. she's my baby! I haven't felt this way before Ashton help me!!!"

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