All about me!!

Get to know Niallsbaby;)!!!



2. fave things

Fave band:1d,5sos,and little mix

Fave songs: drag me down,happily,she's kinda hot,she looks so perfect,what i like about you,little me,love me like you,

Tv shows: modern family,family guy,the simpsons,americas got talent,American ninja warrior

Restaurant: Olive Garden,Swadleys


Movies: trainswreck,this is us,addicted,the curse of chucky,mall cop2,minions,ted

Colors:magneta and turquoise

Websites: YouTube,twitter,

Solo artist: demi lovato, zayn Malik, adele,bruno mars,tori kelly,

Place i want to visit: wait for it............PARIS ✈️

App or game: Minecraft and movellas

Gatorade: glacier cherry and green apple

Sports: wrestling, basketball, football

Chips: takis and hot cheetoes

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