From the beginning to the End: A Dragon's life

This a documented story in a dragon's eyes. Magic and mystery will take place. As well ans peace and violence. It will be an epic adventure from the beginning to the end!


1. Awakening...

The mother dragon turned her eggs hourly to make sure they were warm on all sides. The father would be back soon with food for herself and her chicks, for they would be hatching soon. She had been lucky with this clutch of eggs. She had only rejected four so far of eleven. Usually only four or five eggs hatch, while only about one or two or even rarer three hatchlings make it. A baby dragon is about the size of a house cat, or the size of a newborn (human) baby, around seven to ten pounds. Baby dragons can see hear and eat as soon as they are born, while there legs and wings are only nubs, developing within the first week after hatching.

The father dragon returned to the nest after a day of hunting, returning with a female bison. Mother and father ate the tough parts of the kill, saving the soft stuff for the hatchlings. Dragon parents like to guess what their babies will look like. both mother and father were American Desert Dragons, so they visioned their little ones being either sand brown to albino (which is not uncommon when two dragons of the same breed mate), or even gray. Dragons born albino usually will return to their true colors after about two years, though the albinos most of the time don't make it, becoming prey to the many dragon hunters of the area. 

The eggs started to quiver, meaning that they were ready to hatch. Mother waits for them to break the eggs open themselves, then pulls the shells off, for the babies don't have limbs. The babies look almost like little snakes, but they will grow to be almost the opposite-huge and spiny. Only one of the dragons didn't make it past the hatch, but all other six were perfectly healthy. Having six surviving babies was unheard of in the dragon realm. The dragons instantly started for the bison, have being without food since the egg ran out of yolk at about seven of thirteen months.

after eating a surprisingly large portion of the kill, the babies were ready to go to sleep. Hatchlings sleep most of the first week of their lives, mostly to let their limbs grow and senses become more acute. father slept with the eggs while mother had some leisure time in the wild. most dragons in Utah spend their time hiding behind the sandstone formations and watch as helpless humans go by, unsure of where they are going. Once mother got back they decided to name their babies, which sounds weird for animals as such but dragons are highly intelligent and civilized creatures, with there own language. Some even learn human languages, most who choose to do that learn English.

The first dragon they named Slavaskeir, which means "Keeper of the night", for she was black, and that is the most rare of pigment disorders. the second and third were named Kvelsgar and Uelsgar, meaning "Strong" and Smart". The two of them were twins. The fourth dragon was faalsgaer, which means "Handsome", the fifth was Ahwemuur, "Nature", and the last dragon was Giiloekestrew, which means "The great warrior". The little dragons ate a lot and slept a lot during the first week. Most hardly made a sound. But they would come around soon.

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