When u notice I will stop

A girl who has anorexia devouring her... Watching her every move... Especially when no one notices that she hasn't been eating.


2. But u

But you... U don't hear the sound.

the sound of my growling empty stomach.

the sound of my tears skimming my list of perfection.

the sound of my heart beat plummet. 

the sound of me starving. 


If only you would know.

if only you would notice.

i wouldnt float,

around like a weightless feather...

waiting for u to hold me and keep me from drifting away.

i would stop ...I would try to end this game of surades. 

My old me is what I play,

for I don't know if it went away.

Don't let me Frey, 

Dont let me fade.

Notice that I'm drifting away.

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