Xo: You

A letter from-


1. Dear you...

Why does it hurt? Can you answer that question?

They told you it wasn’t easy. They told you I had to fight.
But nobody ever warned you of the pain, when you don’t know how to fight. When you don’t’ know what to fight for.
When he’s your friend. Only your friend.
When you don’t know if you’re fooling yourself to believe…
Nothing. Nothing happened.
Or maybe something. The way he smiled. Touched your hand. Looked at you.
The feeling of not being the only one to feel –Something.
No. It’s in your head. There’s nothing there.
So why does it hurt. It shouldn’t.
He can talk to her if he wants. That doesn’t mean… And even if it did, you shouldn’t feel like this.
You’re crazy for being jealous.
If you’d just done something about it before… Before there was something –what was it…
Oh yeah that’s right. A chance.
You thought it was just a crush. You wanted him in your life. So friend was the safer choice
How’s that working out for ya?
That pain you feel right now…
The anger when he looks at her.
The ripping pain when you say something wrong.
It is your own fault.
You don’t hate her.
You’re not mad at him.
You. Hate. You.

Xo: You

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