Over And Out

will Emily get her happy ending


1. Introduction

Emily's Pov

Hi I am Emily , my friends call me Em. I am 15 years old and I go to Langley high school. I have got about 5 friends and I get bullied by two seniors at the sixth form. I really like to listen to green day and all time low. I have a massive crush on one of my best friends , Calum .. im just glad that he doesn't know ... hopefully.

I live with my older sister  Rachel and my two dogs Shadow and Sparks. My mum went to live in Hollywood and my Dad left when I was younger luckily my sister is 30 and she has enough money to pay for this house to live in.

My friends are: Calum hood (The one I have a crush on) Luke Hemmings , Ashton Irwin , Michael Clifford and Zara Scott.

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