BabyPurple and other ocs stories


2. The Boy In The Ice

During the time I was in the woods, I ventured out and realized that it bordered the Light Kingdom. I was no longer in my kingdom. I knew it was too dangerous to go back now. I was alone, for the most part. Sometimes, I would hear voices echoing through the trees. Or I would see shadows running against the grass blades. One day, I found out I wasn't alone anymore. This is the story of my dear friend, Rider.


Here's the story:

The moonlight shone over her teal blue skin, making it glow a light blue hue. Wind blew her hair around, refreshing her bare skin. She traveled back to her lone cave, not fully understanding what was lurking in the shadows. But she knew that it was best not to challenge them. Hearing howls echo around her made her skin start to crawl. She scrambled to get to the cave until she hit the edge of the woods. The woods were connected to the Ice Mountain. The Light Princess was always too afraid to cross the line just in case there were monsters there. Twigs starting to snap behind her, and this really freaked out the princess so she ran straight beyond the line. Stopping in the snow, she realized what she had done. She wanted to head back. But she knew that that was a risky choice. So she kept going on.

"I guess I'm not going to make it to the cave after all," She shivered, tucking her arms into her armpits. Howls bounced in her head, and she dared not turn around. She kept walking, and walking up until she reached the peak of the Ice Mountain. There was when she found an untouchable glacier. Inside, was a young boy who was reaching toward her. In response, she reached out to him. Slightly touching the ice, it started to melt under her touch. And the boy gasped for air.

The Princess has never seen this boy before. Yet, she somehow found him familiar. His neck and her bracelet started to glow as she stepped closer to him. The light shone brighter and brighter until it were no longer shining anymore. His head snapped to her and his eyes bore into hers. A click snapped in her chest, and she smiled gently. As the ice finished melting, he kept looking at her. She didn't understand why. But she didn't mind.

"Rider, in service of the princess," He bowed down and placed his fist to his chest. She bowed back, gracely.

"No need to bow. I'm not a princess anymore," his eyes started to burn dark blue and his body shot up.

"How can you say that? You'll always be a me at least," he whispered, and her checks burned red as she caught what he said.


He brushed the snow off of his clothes and noticed that she was shivering. He took off his leather jacket and placed them over her shoulders. She nodded and huddled in it. Looking at him, she noticed he was very young. But much older than her. His sword was in it's sheathe, hanging from his waist. He must be a trained warrior.

"Rider. May I ask you why you stated that you are in my service?" She looked from the sword to his dark eyes as they softened to light blue shade.

"Because the Light King declared me your protector," The click snapped in her head again, and everything made sense. He nodded and confirmed my suspicion. He's my warrior. Smiling, she gave him a bear hug. He hesistated to hug back, but eventually caved in.

I've found my warrior.


(Next I'll tell the story of how I met ShadowGirl)

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