BabyPurple and other ocs stories


3. Lurking Shadows

After having spent some time getting to know Rider. I found out a lot of things about him. (which I won't spoil until I get there *winks*) I finally wasn't alone anymore. I had someone to protect and serve me. Even though, I demanded for him to teach me how to fight. It had been 2 months, and I learned how to use the katana. Rider was really helpful. As time went on, I started developing these strange, unfamiliar feelings. Back then, I started thinking that maybe he could be something more than just my warrior...

Back to the story:


"You need to work on your stance," He twisted her hip toward him, making her blush. She looked up, and saw that his face was flushed. He pulled away, quickly. "Now swing at me," She swung with more might, and force than before. She smiled, knowing he was right about her stance.

"See. I knew you could do it."

They had been practicing day and night, just in case there was ever a risk of danger. Princess Light insisted. But Rider wouldn't dare leave her side, and she knew that by how he had been protecting her from the day she met him.

"Hey, Rider."

He looked up at her as he sheathed his blade. 

"I think I'm ready to hunt," He blinked before opening his mouth. Then he stood up, in a protective pose.

"No," he said, firmly.

"No?" She blinked.

"I don't think you're ready to hunt yet," He huffed. She was baffled, she knew she had been trained ever since she met him. She demanded to be trained, she couldn't stand knowing she would be defenseless. Especially, when the Dark Queen is out to destroy her.

She growled and walked deeper into the woods. She knew he was following her, he had to.
"Get back here!" He ran up to her, and pinned her to the ground. "Don't do this."

"Why not? I want to hunt. I hate being defenseless. You know why!" She started crying. He sighed and moved away from her. She stood up, dusting off the dirt.

"Fine. But I warned you," She grinned and ran back to their camp to gear up.

The moonlight glistened against the dew on the grass blades. She smiled wide. Rider crouched behind a rock, and equiped his bow and arrow. He glanced over the rock, seeing a deer. He nodded toward her and PL crept closer to the deer without being noticed. Rider readied his arrow and shot the deer in it's flank. It hopped away, deeper into the other side of the woods. PL fell onto the grass, crying out in pain. Rider ran up to her and helped her up.

"Are you okay?" He felt a warm feeling on his side, as he pulled his arm away. He saw blood on his leg and glanced at PL's leg. It was bleeding. He ripped his shirt and wrapped around her leg.

"What is happening?" He asked her, but she wasn't conscience.

"She's linked to the forest," A young girl spoke. Rider shot up, and unsheathed his blade.

"Who are you?" Rider growled.

"I'm just a friend of hers. Sorta," She shrugged. The girl crouched down and gently stroked PL's cheek. Rider growled more, and transformed into a wolf.

PL blinked slightly, waking up. She saw a blue-eyed wolf where Rider was just standing. And she fell back asleep, smiling.

PL woke up the next day. She opened her eyes and saw a wolf.

"Rider," She reached out to him. Petting his head. He barked softly, licking her hand. He transformed back, blushing.

"Glad to know you didn't freak out when you see me as a wolf," He leaned closer, closing the space between them slowly. "Can I ask you something?" She nodded.

"Whatcha doing, guys?" The girl smiled.

"ShadowGirl," PL freaked out and hid behind Rider.


(Next chapter I'll tell you about my other characters)





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