BabyPurple and other ocs stories


1. Introduction

Hello there. I've been waiting for you. You might be thinking to yourself. Why am I here? How did I get here? Well, let me answer that question for you. You're here to find out about us.

The names Baby Purple. You can also call me Cilla. But, my full name is Cilla "Baby Purple" Himuto. Let's see...I have long dark brown hair, dark purple eyes, teal blue-green skin, red ears, and black stripes. Oh Yeah! I'm a teal elemental zebra.

I'm a fallen princess from the Light Kingdom and I'm also the queen of my land. I'm married of course to the most amazing wolf king/prince in the world. We have four beautiful kids: Yuki, Yuko, Hiko, and Hime. I planned to stop after Hime because four kids seemed enough. Unless Shadowwolf wants more kids. (winks) Then I would guess we  can have more kids.

That's all I can tell you for now.


Here's my story:


Long ago, there was a rivalry between two kingdoms: the light kingdom and the dark kingdom. The rulers of each land loathed each other with all their hearts. King Light knew that destroying Queen Dark would benefit his kingdom and his daughter's childhood, but Queen Light thought that they should give Queen Dark a chance to come to the light side.

King Light invited Queen Dark over for a feast, hoping that she would change her ways. Along with Queen Light, there was Princess Light. As the feast was almost over, Queen Dark took out her mythical darkness from her robes and threw it at King Light. Screaming in agony, his body was devoured by the darkness. The Queen stood hopelessly, knowing she was next. She shouted for her daughter to run and hide. The princess hesitated, but knew nothing of what was to happen to her if she was to stay. She ran as fast as she could and as far as she could. She made it out of the castle before hearing her mother's screams. No where else to go, she ran into the familiar trees. Never turning back until she knew she was safe.

Never was she going to forget this day. Shivering the cold, she hid in a cave nearby and slept. She dreamt of her father disappearing and Queen Dark started laughing, grabbing her and slowly devours her with her darkness.

She woke up in cold sweat. "I just want my parents back..." She cried, and fell back asleep.


(Next chapter is about how she met Rider)

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