Life With Onision

After his marriage with Lainey fails, Onision becomes depressed and tries to drink himself to death. But when one fan of his who happens to live next to him saves his life, she becomes close with him. Will they fall in love? Will the girls parents tear them apart? Will their age gap tear them apart?


1. Marriage Is A Bitch Anyway

Onision's POV (Point Of View)

"Lainey! Come on, it was just a joke" I said, as I talked to my wife of 3 years, Lainey who was packing her things

"Greg, leave me alone, that wasn't a fucking joke!" yelled Lainey

I apparently had told a very horrible joke about Lainey and she didn't find it very funny, she had had enough of me being inconsiderate, and the horrible haters who said even more horrible things about me and Lainey. As she finished packing her things, I tried to stop her, "Lainey, please", Lainey pulled herself from my grip and said with tears in her eyes, "Goodbye, Greg" and walked out my life forever. I felt to my knees and sobbed for what seemed like a eternity, I pull out my phone and made a started to make a video.

"Hey, guys, as you can tell by my fucked up appearance, I'm not happy right now and I have decided to drink until I die, so this is my last video, this isn't a joke, this is REAL, goodbye" I uploaded the video to YouTube. I went into the kitchen, grabbed all the alcohol I could find.

"Marriage is a bitch anyway" I said, and began to drink myself to death, tears streaming down my face


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