Life With Onision

After his marriage with Lainey fails, Onision becomes depressed and tries to drink himself to death. But when one fan of his who happens to live next to him saves his life, she becomes close with him. Will they fall in love? Will the girls parents tear them apart? Will their age gap tear them apart?


7. Hey Guys, Greg Here

Onision's POV

"Hey guys, Greg here, and yes I am alive, thanks to my neighbor, and new girlfriend" I signaled Katrina to come over to me where the camera was.

She was kinda shy, looking at the camera, she squeaked, "H-Hi". I smiled and said, "So guys, this video is kinda short, but I wanna say something to my ex-wife" I grabbed Katrina by the waist and kissed her right in front of the camera for all of my viewers to see. "Fuck you, Lainey".

I stopped the video. Katrina giggled, "That was fun". I smiled, remembering how Lainey used to always enjoy being in my videos. Katrina had to go get some thing for dinner, so I was alone for the time being. I was half-asleep, watching some television. When the doorbell rang. I got up and answered it, saying, "What is it?". I stopped when I saw the person standing there......was Lainey.

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