Life With Onision

After his marriage with Lainey fails, Onision becomes depressed and tries to drink himself to death. But when one fan of his who happens to live next to him saves his life, she becomes close with him. Will they fall in love? Will the girls parents tear them apart? Will their age gap tear them apart?


3. God......If Your Real.....I'm Coming For You

Katrina's POV

I sat next to Greg's door after he kicked me out, I gave up banging and just started to sob, when I heard him cry as well, so there we sat, our cries of pain echoing throughout our broken minds. I got up and started to walk away when I heard a gunshot go off on Greg's house. I jumped and my face paled, 'Oh god, no...'.

Onision's POV

After she left I began to drink again, realizing that this was taking way too long, I went into my bedroom, pulled a gun out from under my pillow, aimed it at my head, and whispered, "God...If your real....I'm coming for you", and pulled the trigger, I fell to the ground and the last thing I saw was that girl, Katrina, running towards me, before everything faded to black


A/N: Sorry Cliffhangers suck, but who cares! *laughs like a evil villain*, See Ya Bananas!

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