Gears & Tears

Monty Milligan is hated among all the people in his home of Paris, France, for one reason. He's not human. After accidently killing two young men who were beating him up, Monty runs for his life and ends up trapped between Life with his Master in danger and Death with his Master safe from him.


1. Losing the Future

     Everyone fears me. That’s why they are chasing me. Why I’m running so fast that I can hear my heart pounding in my metal chest and my blood flooding through my plastic veins. My gears inside me keep turning as I make my small, helpless body move faster. Bullets fly past me, then one hits me. The ammunition pierces my arm making me turn quickly and sprint into an old church.


    I hurry up the stone steps to the top of the tower where I overlook my home. The wind sweeping through my hair, the beautiful lights of the city below, and the colors of the rising sun makes the sky seem to sing and beckon me. Then I hear the door downstairs collapse, followed by the running of feet, and then I hear his voice.


    A man who wears a brown sports jacket over a white, crew-neck shirt, dark green pants, and brown loafers pushes through the crowd to stand in front of me. His chestnut hair, his sparkling green eyes, all were of my Master.


“Step away from the ledge, Monty…” he whispers softly as he holds out his hand to me “No one will harm you, I’ll make sure of it…”


/No more violence, Master. Please. No more./


    I step backwards towards the edge more.


/No more. I’m a monster that must be dealt with, or else I’ll only cause more trouble.../


“Monty, you are no monster. Believe me! You are nothing close to a monster! Come here! Please…”


/Master, don’t cry. Don’t waste your tears on me. I’m worth nothing in this world…/


“You’re worth everything to me…”


    I gasp at what he says before I slip and tumble backwards. He lunges fast and grabs for my hand… but he misses, so I fall…




/J’Taime… That’s French… for ‘I love you’…/


    I whisper those words as I fall farther.


“J’Taime! I love you, Master! My Master! My wonderful Master!”


/My wonderful… Kira…/


    My last words were what my heart always ached to say. We only embraced each other a few times, but I loved my Master. He made me and loved me. I never could repay him for everything he ever did for me. Until then. I got to save him… from me…


    As Death took me, dressed in his dark cloak and wings of snow, the last thing I saw was Master reaching towards me, crying my name with tears streaming down his face. Then everything I ever knew and loved slowly vanished and soon, I knew that I was gone. But Master is safe.


* * * *


    Light. Blinding light. It shone down on the water, making it sparkle. All around was sand and rocks. I layed still on the beach as I listened to the sea crash onto the steep, rocky cliffs and onto the shining, sandy shore. My body was entirely drenched with seawater. I had tried so many times to drown myself after his death. But everytime I tried, I saw him again. I always saw him.


I always saw my loving Monty

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