Poems by Beth

This is a bunch of poems that I've written about stuff.


1. His &Hers.

He said he hated poems, but read the one she said too.
He said he liked pop punk music, and grinned when she said she did too.
He said he had no feelings, but around her he did. 
He told her the guy she liked was gay, but she brushed him off.

She watched him talk to other girls, and got jealous inside.
She heard him say life had no meaning, so she wants to prove to him it does.
She watched the flame leave his eyes, and wishes it would come back.
She told him he was handsome, but he brushed her off. 

She wanted him to notice her signs
He wanted her to notice his signs.
But it would never happen, cause the two wanted the other happy.
And one thought they weren't good enough

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