I See The Inferno

Two Men. One Vision.

((Based off my series Gears and Tears.))


1. To the Life I Led

 I’ve tried to say goodbye,

But it comes around again,
The memories I once said were mine,
Have fallen into the abyss.

The light shone just for a while,
But just as the stars shone through,
I saw the face of Death for a mile,
The fang I had, into the fire it was thrown.

This is to the life I led,
To those who didn’t know me,
Even to those of the dead,
The gift I’m leaving will help you see.

I look to see your eyes,
Mournful, Fearful,
My eyes look to the skies,
I’m able to see the abyss.

The light of a fire kept me warm,
But just as the laughter and cries found me,
The fire began to burn as I was worn,
Now I feel the icy grasp I see.~

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