I See The Inferno

Two Men. One Vision.

((Based off my series Gears and Tears.))


3. Lust of Our Night

 Your warm chest against mine,

I feel your hot breath against my ear,
Your muscular arms around my waist,
Then your warm hands move up and clutch at my sweater vest,
We stand quietly in the shadows of the dim room,

Who knew a simple hug could make my mind spin and make me want you.
An understanding sin,
But tonight I want you more than ever.

Soon you understand and pull me closer,
Our eyes connect and you lean close,
Our lips lock, making something spark in me.

O’ joyous night! How I’ve longed for this!

You hold me close as our kiss turns needy and rough,
Soon, we are in eachother’s arms in a place we only ever slept alone,
Where we only dreamed of this night.

A longing need,
We are united, though a man and a man,
We are together, though you’re from the country of Freedom and I from the country of Winter,
God please help me.
Help me.
For I shall lust and want this man ever so more.

This man… who is gone… 

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