What happens after they got a divorce? [PLEASE TAKE NOTE THIS A SEQUEL TO 'Texting Luke Hemmings'


5. Chapter 5

Lauren's POV


"Can i just take you out on a date?" Luke begged, carrying the kids


"no" i said angrily


"mummy, why are you so angry at daddy?" my first daughter asked


"im...im not angry at daddy" i sighed 


"one date, please" Luke begged


"we're over, Luke. You found a new girl. Spend your money on her" i said angrily. 


"i dont like her. I like you" Luke empahsize. I just shook my head angrily, "please princess" 


I closed my eyes at think for a moment, finally i nodded. 


"Great! Meet me at the restaurant around our house! I wont let you down, I promise!" he yelled while running away, grinning.






I was very nervous for this 'date'. I obviously still have feelings for Luke still.


"Hey princess" Luke greeted me


"Don't call me that" i look up at him. Even though i was wearing heels, he was still very tall. 


"Look, i know we messed up big time-" 


I cut him off, "weyou, Luke. you messed up all of this." This was very embarrassing because there are a paparazzi near us. Before he could even reply, i gave up. "you know what? Going to this date with you was a bad idea" i shake my head, starting to walk away.


"Babe please, we havent started out date yet." Luke ran after me. Lucky for him, he have long legs and he could easily catch up with me. 


"Stop it, Luke! you were the one who caused this!"


"Can we just talk about it?" 


I look up at him, "no"



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