What happens after they got a divorce? [PLEASE TAKE NOTE THIS A SEQUEL TO 'Texting Luke Hemmings'


4. Chapter 4

Lauren's POV


Few years later, when Lauren have her house


I am currently walking. After i had my own house, everything sucked. I didn't have the best job. But better than nothing right? 


I never contact Luke anymore. I never see my kids anymore. We told the kids that we're not going to be together and well, it all messed up because they started crying and stuff. It hurts. A lot. 


I was walking and i heard laughter. That old laugh, i always loved. 


I decided to turn around which was a pretty stupid move, but i did, and Luke was actually with a blonde girl with my kids infront. They were laughing. I turned back infront so Luke wouldn't see me. 


I'm glad he moved on. he can move on. But it just hurts still. He was my first love. The guy i trusted. 




shit shit shit


I decided to ignore him and walked faster. 




I wanted to cry, but i don't want to cry in front of him. 




I finally turned around and take out one of my headphones. "hi" i breathed out


"Mommy!" the kids came running to me and hugged my leg. 


"Hey guys!" i smiled and rubbed their backs and i bent down so i can see their faces, "how are you?"


My daughter whispered in my ear, "daddy's girlfriend is very mean."




"Trust him alright guys?" i kissed both their heads and looked up at Luke, "hey"


I heard the girl scoff, "Hi" 


"I'm going to go now" i waved 


"daddy! Can we hangout with mommy?" 


I turned back around, "not today, sorry love, i have work to do" i lied


"we should help mommy then" Luke stated, "sorry Sophie, can we hangout another time?"


"whatever" she walked away, not forgetting to give a sloppy kiss on Luke's cheek, leaving a lipstick stain there. 


I actually wanted to laugh because the kids, pretended to vomit. I've taught the kids well. 


I carried my daughter and walked while talking to her. 


"Can you stop ignoring me?" Luke asked, now standing beside me


"Can you leave?" 


"stop this okay? I don't like her"


"That girl?" i laughed, "I don't care if you like her or not, we're not together. So whatever you do, it's not going to affect me" 


I let the kids walk ahead so i could talk to Luke, "i'm sorry"


"stop saying that! Everyone knows you don't mean it!" 

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