What happens after they got a divorce? [PLEASE TAKE NOTE THIS A SEQUEL TO 'Texting Luke Hemmings'


3. Chapter 3

Lauren's pov


we got a divorce. We did, because things weren't working out and we thought it was for the best. We did all of the paper work. 


I knew it was coming, Luke came home drunk every night and every time i ask him whats wrong, he would tell me to mind my won business. 


"I'm sorry" Luke whispered 


"what is there to apologize?" i asked not looking at him. 


The kids? I'm the one who is moving out, and the kids are too young to know this, so i would be living there until they are old enough to know, then i'll move out. Its a wrong thing to do, but they are still to young to know all of this. 


"I didn't want this to happen" 


"I knew this was going to happen" i muttered, "Its not my fault that you come home drunk every night and whenever i ask you whats wrong you would tell me to mind my own business. I was your wife and--" 


"I'm sorry, okay?" he sniffed 


"whatever" i walked faster 


"princess, come on" he called, catching up to me


"stop calling me that, Luke! its done alright?" 


"i regret" 


"well, its fucking done, so shut up" 


Luke was shocked at my outburst, "i'm sorry" 


"stop apologizing" i huffed and walked away


[a/n i have another perfomance tomorrow! KILL ME]

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