What happens after they got a divorce? [PLEASE TAKE NOTE THIS A SEQUEL TO 'Texting Luke Hemmings'


2. Chapter 2


Lauren's POV


"Luke, can you agree to this?!" i yelled at him, tears streaming down my face. Even though it was my choice to have a divorce, i still couldn't stop crying.


"No, Lauren! You know I love you! I'm not ready to let you go!" Luke yelled back, his face was red and tears was also streaming down his face. 


"If you loved me, you wouldn't argue with me all day!" i yelled, "stop crying i muttered to myself, wiping the tears. 


I am really lucky the kids are not home because i don't want the kids to witness this, "baby i told you im sorry" his voice cracked. 


"stop crying, Luke" i wiped my tears


"We got married for a reason!" he shout


"WE ALSO HAVE A DIVORCE FOR A REASON" i screamed, pulling my sticky hair back


''There is also a fucking reason why i told you i love you everyday, even after we argue! Coz' baby, i don't want to lose you"


And just like that, he could make me melt, "It's not good for our kids"


He comes closer to me, "then give me another chance" he whispered


"How do i know you're not going to keep arguing with me?" i sniffed 


"Just give me a chance, alright princess?"


"fine" I rest my head in his chest and cried on his chest.


"baby, stop crying"


"i like it when you call me baby" i whispered 


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