The Truth Hurts (Boyxboy)

This wasn’t supposed to happen. I mean… come on, I am the schools freak. I am best friends with one person. That’s it! And I couldn’t even tell her in fear of her hating me for it. I wasn’t supposed to like him, he wasn’t supposed like me… I’M A FUCKING GUY! WE’RE BOTH GUYS! I don’t understand what happened. The truth hurts…
When sixteen year old Felix Ferne falls in love with his school bully Jake Riles, problems occur when the bully who is also the school’s football star when he decides to return he feelings. They both know they can’t tell anyone, anyone at all. But what happens when someone else’s feelings get hurt in the process.


3. Chapter 3

Chapter 3:

Felix’s P.O.V

We pulled away after the bell, which meant we have been kissing for twenty minutes. How the hell did we manage that, because I am pretty sure we didn’t pull away at all?

“We need to go,” Jake nodded, resting his forehead on mine, his breathing laboured,

“Yeah…” he kissed me again,

“I…” he stopped and kissed me, and continued kissing me in between every word,

“Just… don’t… want… to… leave… you… alone…” I smiled, and this time kissed him.

“So is this it?” Jake frowned,

“What do you mean?” I frowned and jumped off the table, Jake moved back to give me space, but kept a hold of my hips,

“I mean, we aren’t anything right. We are just two guys that kiss right? I mean we can’t be anything else right?” Jake’s face looked crestfallen,

“Yeah… of course, why would it be anything else right?” I nodded. I knew I was hurting him, but it was the truth,

“I mean, we aren’t even friends Jake, how could we be anything else?” Jake frowned, dropping his grip,

“We could be friends.” I froze… then shook it from my head,

“Now is not the time to talk about it, or we are going to be late for class.” Jake nodded and followed me as I left the room. No one noticed because they were all too busy getting their things for class. I let out a breath of relief, but hid it when I saw the hurt look on Jake’s face. Did I just hurt Jake’s feelings by saying we weren’t even friends, we were just two people that kissed, for long periods of time? Did he really like me? Oh god… what have I done?

Jake’s P.O.V

He doesn’t really like me… why… I told him my feelings, did he not believe me? My chest hurt… was he lying to me? Did he just not want to get close to me? I need to talk to him… no I don’t, he hurt me… I just need to stay away. That’s all I need to do, then maybe he won’t hate me. Yeah… that’s what I’ll do, just disappear for a few days, keep my distance from Felix, and maybe he won’t hate me. That’s all I have to do, just stay away.

With those words my choice was made. I left school after break and went home. I sighed looking around the house to see mum wasn’t there. I frowned, she works too much, why can’t she just have a day off? Oh well, at least I won’t get in trouble straight away, I won’t get in trouble until she gets off work, which is at six, and it’s only eleven now. I sighed, collapsing on the couch.

“Why me?” I frowned, before rolling onto my side and falling asleep.


“Jake, wake up sweetie.” I moaned and opened my eyes to see my mum Sarah sitting on the couch next to my body.

“Mum… what are you doing home?” Mum smiled weakly,

“Works finished, and I came home straight away because I got a call from your school saying you weren’t in class.” I frowned and sat up,

“Yeah… about that… I can’t go to school. Just for a week or so, but I just… I…” how do I explain this without sounding creepy? I sighed,

“Is it someone at school?” I nodded, mum smiled,

“Okay, do you like them?” I nodded again and looked away,

“Is it a he or a she?” my eyes widened and looked to mum,

“Why would you ask that question?” mum laughed,

“Because I am pretty sure no person would name their daughter Felix.” My eyes widened again.

“How do you know that?” mum smiled at me, sitting her hand on my shoulder,

“Because you talk in your sleep, it’s something you have always done, and so when you have those dreams… you tend to say his name… a lot, loudly.” I blushed deeply.

“So you know? And you’re okay with it?” mum smiled,

“Of course Jakie, I’m so happy you’re growing up.” Mums smile grew.

“Does that mean I can stay home? It will just be for a few days,” mum nodded,

“Of course, I just… I am hoping you don’t get hurt.” I smiled weakly at her,

“I’ll try not to mum, but doesn’t it mean if it hurts, you’re really in love?” Mum nodded sadly,

“I hate that you know that son. Now… how about take away tonight since it’s too late for normal food.” I nodded at her,

“Sounds good Mum,” Mum smiled at me and stood up,

“Now why don’t you go have another sleep and I’ll go get tea.” I nodded, as we both stood up. As I walked to my room, I felt tired again. Once I reached my room, I fell on my bed and fell asleep instantly.

“Jake wake up,” I jumped at the sound of his voice. I knew it anywhere; I opened my eyes to see Felix sitting on my bed, next to me.

“Felix… what are you doing here?” he smiled,

“Your mum let me in. I came over to see if you were okay, you disappeared after break.” I frowned, sitting up,

“Yeah I know. I left on purpose; I left to get away from you.” Felix looked sad and confused,

“What? Why? Did I do something wrong?” I shook my head,

“No, it was me. I thought I needed to get away from you so you could get used to me being around you. I thought you didn’t want me around you.”  Felix looked happy and sad at the same time,

“Oh Jake, I love you,” with that Felix leaned forward placing his lips on mine. I smiled moving my hands to his neck to pull him closer, but he pulled away, smirking,

“Nope, my turn.” I frowned and cocked my head at him. Felix then proceeded to grab my wrists and pin them to the bed. Felix then climbed on top of me, so he was straddling my hips, as he reconnected our lips. Felix bit down lightly on my lower lip, causing me to moan lightly in the back of my throat.

“Felix, what are you doing?” Felix pulled away smirking,

“I’m taking care of you.” He then proceeded to move his lips to my neck, to the exact spot I hate bit him earlier, and started sucking. I moaned and moved my hips up, feeling Felix in his sexy black jeans… which were now gone… the same with his shirt and my shirt… oh crap… I knew it was too good to be true. I yelped as Felix bit down hard on my shoulder,

“No getting distracted Jake, pay attention to me.” I nodded and gulped… what he going to do? I closed my eyes as I felt Felix slowly kissing down my chest, getting lower and lower, before moving back up. I growled at him and he laughed,

“Oh Jake… I wouldn’t do that if I were you. Now just relax and let me take care of you,” I nodded and did as he said. I had suddenly entered a world of bliss, when I was awoken,

“Jake wake up.” My eyes shot open against my pillow, and I launched up, almost knocking mum over in the process,

“Oh… mum, sorry. You back already?” she smiled at me.

“Jakie, I’ve been gone an hour. You were asleep… and having a dream. Now tea is in the lounge, come out when you’re ready.” I nodded confused about what she meant. Once she was gone I stood up and I noticed it… I looked down to see myself… was seriously? I… but how… it was a dream… I thought it wasn’t possible. I blushed as I realised I just dreamt about Felix coming onto me… I had never dreamed like that before, it had always been the other way around. I blushed even harder at the thought,

“Oh god, I am so, so, so, so, so screwed.” I laughed bitterly throwing my head back and groaning. How the hell am I going to put up with this?

Felix’s P.O.V

Jake wasn’t at school for the rest of the day. I frowned, was it something I said or did? God I hope not. I went through the day, as per normal, but with no one annoying me, and no one to hang out with. I sighed as the final bell went dismissing everyone from class. Finally free for the day.

I thought I was going to see Jake at school the next day, so I could apologise, but he didn’t show. All week he was a no show, and I was worried. Did I really say something that could have hurt his feelings? Did he even have feelings? Well of course he did, he said he liked me right? So that means he must have feelings.

 I sighed slamming my locker shut. It was finally the end of Friday which meant the end of the week. I smiled lightly, but frowned remembering Jake wasn’t at school. I sighed, why was this affecting me so much? I just need to drop it, and forget all about it. But how can I? I mean come on; the guy took my first kiss. Plus we made out… like a lot. I growled,

“Seriously Felix just get it out of your head.” I hit myself on my head for good measure. I sighed before looking around the halls finding them empty; I banged my head on my locker a few times for good measure.

“I would stop if I were you. We wouldn’t want to damage anymore of those beautiful brain cells of yours do you?” I instantly stopped as my head lashed up to see Jake leaning against a locker a few feet away from mine,

“What do you want Jake?” both anger and happiness were bubbling in my stomach. Jake frowned,

“I wanted to see you,” I rolled my eyes,

“Yeah… well it only took you four days.” I was mad. I frowned and leaned my head against my locker,

“Did I do… something wrong?” Jake gasped and ran over to me,

“God no Felix… it was just me and my brain being all stupid. I just, made a mistake with something… no… I… ugg… why is so hard to talk to you?” I smiled at him. I turned my body around so I was facing the hallway and Jake instead of my locker,

“You’re cute when you stutter.” Jake froze and I gasped,

“Oh my god… I am so sorry, I didn’t mean to say that… at least I don’t think I did.” Jake smiled,

“Oh Felix… you are much cuter than me.” I smiled, grabbing a hold of Jake’s shirt and pulling him close. I smirked at him,

“Say ‘I’m cute’ again?” Jake looked resistant. I raised an eyebrow at him,

“Say it, and I’ll let you go.” Jake frowned,

“But I don’t want you to let me go,” I rolled my eyes,

“Just say it!” Jake smirked; happy he made me lose my cool,

“You’re too cute,” I smiled, using one of my hands to grab the back of Jake’s head and pulled him in for a kiss.

I almost moaned at the contact. I felt like I had been missing this for years. I had never felt anything like it… oh Jake… why didn’t we do this sooner? I smiled at my question and blushed as Jake’s arms moved; one came up to hold my cheek, and the other moved to my lower back, right above my butt. I squeaked as my back arched in attempt to move away from his hand, but all the happened was my chest crashed into Jake’s, causing the taller boy to laugh at me,

“Not funny… why would you do that?” Jake shrugged,

“I don’t know, I guess I felt like it. Now… how about we go back to your place and hang out? Just as friends I swear… and it you want there will be no kissing… or if you want kissing then us… I um… I forgot where I was going with this.” I smiled at the boy, lost for words. I quickly pecked him on the lips,

“Sure, just as long as you promise not to do anything weird.” Jake frowned, and looked at me confused,

“What do you mean by weird?” I sighed and pointed to my neck where a fading bruise resided all week. Jake let out a laugh, before quickly blushing,

“Yeah… about that… sorry.” I shrugged,

“Eh… lets go, it’s finally the weekend and I am sick of this school,” Jake laughed at me,

“How come?” I shrugged,

“Just sick of it, Ellen’s been acting like full on weird and is now avoiding me all day everyday… kinda like you were… you were avoiding me right? That’s why you didn’t come to school all week.” Jake sighed,

“Almost correct, it was more for your safety then of you doing something wrong. I uhh, was scared I had scared you when I bit you on Monday, so I guess I just wanted to give you some time away from me. But it was too hard to wait to see you until next week, so I came to school at the end of the day, and I had the feeling you were going to be the last one here aside from the teachers, so I waited till every student was gone, before finding you and seeing you smash your perfect head on the locker.” I instantly blushed at his words,

“You like my head?” Jake laughed as we walked,

“No… I like everything about you. As creepy as it may sound, I mean everything.” I blushed hard, and bit my lip.

“By that do you mean my…” I gestured downwards with my eyes and Jake nodded. My eyes widened and I couldn’t control myself as I grabbed Jake’s neck and pulled his lips onto mine.

He moaned lightly, grabbing my cheeks and opening my mouth, sliding his tongue in. I moaned as his tongue slid against mine. This was the first time we have done this, and it was fucking awesome! I raked my teeth over Jake tongue, then forcing it out of my mouth, and forced my tongue into his mouth. It was Jake’s turn to moan. Things were just getting heated when we heard it… footsteps close by. We pulled apart and quickly hid in an open classroom. We both watched as Mr Bates walked past, without a care in the world. I get the feeling if we were to continue standing out in the hallway making out, Mr Bates wouldn’t even notice.

“That was close,” Jake muttered in my ear. I groaned, turning around and placing my lips on Jake’s again. Jake quickly kissed back before pulling away,

“We need to go unless you really do want to get caught,” I frowned,

“As much as I don’t want to get caught, I really just want to stay here and make out with you.” Jake groaned and I smirked,

“Hey, I had to… now come on, before someone else walks by.” Jake nodded as we both stood up moving out of the room cautiously. I fixed my bag on my shoulder as we ran, laughing lightly.

At this rate, we were going to get back to my place quickly… is that what he wants? I shook the thought from my head. Once we were away from the school we slowed down to a pace where we were both walking next to each other,

“Twenty questions?” Jake asked. I nodded,

“Sure… it would be nice to be able to get to know the schools bully,” Jake frowned,

“Please don’t call me that,” I frowned,

“Sorry, I didn’t mean it like that. I was just joking,” Jake sighed shaking his head,

“Yeah I know, I didn’t mean to snap sorry. So you go first,” I laughed, at his enthusiasm,

“Okay… um… favourite colour?” Jake laughed,

“Brown or green I guess. I don’t really know,” I smiled,

“Those are cool colours, your turn.” Jake thought before a moment before asking,

“When’s your birthday?” I laughed and blushed,

“24th of March,” Jake stopped and thought for a moment,

“So next week?” I nodded and start to cross the road,

“FELIX LOOK OUT!” my head lashed up, and suddenly… everything was a blur.

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