The Truth Hurts (Boyxboy)

This wasn’t supposed to happen. I mean… come on, I am the schools freak. I am best friends with one person. That’s it! And I couldn’t even tell her in fear of her hating me for it. I wasn’t supposed to like him, he wasn’t supposed like me… I’M A FUCKING GUY! WE’RE BOTH GUYS! I don’t understand what happened. The truth hurts…
When sixteen year old Felix Ferne falls in love with his school bully Jake Riles, problems occur when the bully who is also the school’s football star when he decides to return he feelings. They both know they can’t tell anyone, anyone at all. But what happens when someone else’s feelings get hurt in the process.


2. Chapter 2

Chapter 2:

Jake’s P.O.V

I don’t know why I did it. I was just sick of these feelings, wait… was I sick of them, or did I just want them to be real? To bring them to life… I should start at the start.

It started about a month ago when I was beating Felix up, I was alone, Trent and Dylan weren’t here, but it wasn’t going to stop me.

“Where you running freak?!” I called out to the Gothic boy who was now running from me. This was normal; he never stood up to me, only Trent or Dylan. I laughed as I ran after him, gaining on him quickly, before pulling him into a classroom, proceeding to close and lock the door. I smirked as a panicked look crossed his face. My smirk faltered slightly. I began to feel bad for doing this,

“Don’t be scared Freak… this won’t hurt… much,” ha good. I recovered my sanity before advancing on the freak and lifting him up by his shirt,

“Let go of me.” I scoffed,

“Or what Freak? You gonna set your girlfriend onto me?” Felix looked confused,

“I don’t… have a girlfriend.” For some reason, I felt happy about that.

“Then no one can help you.” With that, I punched him in the stomach, but something felt weird about it. My hand felt weird, like tingles. I frowned and punched him again, still feeling the tingles. I freaked and refused to touch with my hands again, so I dropped him to the floor and kicked him in the chest. But I still felt the tingles, what the hell is this? I ran after that.

That night the dreams started. They weren’t ordinary dreams, they were about Felix… and he and I were together… doing stuff, like sexual stuff. It freaked me right out, but after a while I liked it… I liked him. At least I think I did. Then today I lost control, I made sure not to mess with Felix. Trent and Dylan never start anything unless I start it first, so we just walked past. But I needed contact; so I ditched Trent and Dylan and went out looking for Felix. When I found him, he was having a heated argument with Sam Conte, my sort of friend.

When I cut in, Felix was pissed. But his demeanour changed the second he looked at me. I made sure not to look at him because I knew I would be screwed otherwise. That’s when I looked at him, and I knew I had to do something, even if it would screw me for life,

“Sam, I think it’s time for you to go.” I panicked as soon as the words left my mouth; I know I would now be alone with Felix. I watched Sam nod,

“Yeah, me too… Later Dudes.” I watched as Felix tried not to scoffed, I smiled at him, but it disappeared quickly so he wouldn’t see it if he did I think I would be screwed. Felix wasn’t concentrating on me, so I took the opportunity of Felix being distracted to move close to him, so close I was touching him. I wanted to cry out in happiness. Felix was about to scream out so my hand quickly lashed out to cover his mouth,

“Make a noise and they will find us okay?” Felix nodded as I whispered those words to him. I instantly knew that he wouldn’t say anything now,

“I’m going to take my hand away now okay?” Felix nodded and I resisted the urge to smile when Felix didn’t move or scream when my hand left his mouth. I didn’t move away, as Felix talked sassily back to me,

“What do you want?” I sighed before moving even closer. Felix yelped, it was so cute, but I had to cover up so I placed my hand over his mouth again. Felix sighed rolling his eyes again, he was so cute… he then looked into my eyes, as I looked into his. I sighed and asked the question that has been bugging me, ever since the feeling started,

“Why do I bully you?” Felix’s eyes widened at my question. Felix squirmed as much as possible to try and get away, but I was too close, it was inevitable; he wasn’t getting away until I moved away. Oh, I wanted to kiss him so badly. But by being so close, meant that I was that almost all of me was touching almost all of him. Neither of us could move without feeling awkward, well I guess that it what Felix is feeling, I felt so happy right now, but I couldn’t show it. I finally moved my hand away from his mouth again. I then moved my hand to hold Felix’s wrist. Felix’s face changed, as if he was thinking about something, or feeling something. He finally answered my question,

“You bully me because I’m a ‘Freak’.” I sighed. Felix, you’re not a freak I am. My face saddened,

“But you’re not a freak. I’m a freak, or… I think I am I don’t like labels.” Felix scoffed at me. I frowned; I can’t believe I made him hate me so much,

“Yeah right… you don’t like labels when you’re the one that gave me that name.” I couldn’t believe he hates me so much. I didn’t know he actually hated me so much. I just thought… oh god, what was I thinking? Felix seemed like he was hiding something,

“But I am a freak… I mean, you of all people… how?” I think Felix was officially confused, Felix looked so scared.

“Jake… please just get off of me.” Felix froze as I moved to gain his eye contact,

“What did you say?” I asked, what did he say; I needed to know why can’t he just say it? Does he think he’ll disappoint me? Impossible, I know he doesn’t like me. This is all just one sided, but really, what did he say?

“Did you say please Felix?” I could tell I affected him by saying his name. Felix nodded, unable to form words. I frowned but moved closer to him. So much my legs and chest was touching his, with no space at all. My nose touched his and I watched as he gasped,

“What are you doing Jake? Get off me,” Felix almost screamed as he tried to push me away, but all I had to do was grab his wrist that was not already in my grasp. It was too easy for me to grab it. I had to tell him, but I couldn’t, I knew I couldn’t tell him; otherwise I would be done for…

“I don’t know why I’m doing this Felix. Just don’t go,” Felix winced as I moved my face from in front of his to in his neck. Felix froze again and stiffened. I felt so happy I was affecting him; I was just hoping it was in the way I hoped. Felix was stuttering,

“Jake, I… you hate me… you bully me… you can’t be doing this. I have to be dreaming, or you’re just playing a joke on me… just please let go of me.” I gasped, before nodding. He thought I was playing a joke on him, or that he was dreaming… does that mean he dreams of me like I dream of him? I smiled quickly before it faded,

“Just one thing,” Felix sighed, I get the feeling he didn’t want to be here right now.

“What is it, Jake?” I froze before moving slightly and biting down on his neck, Felix cried out at the feeling. He tasted even better than he smelled. No, I am not a vampire, just Felix smells so… yum, it must be his deodorant. Felix froze again, before squirming hard. I sighed in my head, finally let go of his wrists, meaning he was finally able to use his hands to push me away. After I was off him, one of his hand lashed up to his own neck, it seemed he was checking for blood because he quickly pulled it away. He looked happy about the sight of his hands… what?

“What the hell was that for? You don’t just go around biting people,” I sighed, before collapsing on the ground and staring at the ground. Felix took the time to run off. I felt like crying, fuck I scared him. That wasn’t supposed to happen, jeez, I wasn’t even supposed to like him.

I need to go find him and apologise. I sighed, standing up and followed him in the general direction I could see him going. When I almost caught up to him when he spotted me, and merged into the crowd. Fuck, now I can’t see him as well, because you have to admit, if you are going to wear all black to school, you are going to stand out like fuck.

I smirked as I spotted him in the crowd, running over to him, before dragging him into an empty classroom. Seriously, what is it with all the empty classrooms in the school? I sighed before closing and locking the door, giving me a sense of déjà vu.

Felix’s P.O.V

I couldn’t scream, it was caught in my throat. I get the feeling this is where Jake is now going to beat me up… ah fuck, I’m done for.

“Felix calm down.” I froze,

“Why Jake? What do you want? To freak me out like before? Don’t Jake, I just… don’t understand, why would you do something like that?” Jake sighed. Only just now, I realised his back was to me. I frowned, walking over to him, touching his shoulder.

“Jake… are you okay?” I asked as my hand touched him. Jake froze before grabbing my hand, turning himself, and myself around, so now my back was to him, and my back was touching his chest. He used his arms to trap my own arms around my waist. I yelped at the feeling of his arms around my waist, I tensed at the feeling of Jake’s breath on my ear,

“Why is it like this Felix? Why can’t we be friends?” I stiffened at the feeling of Jake’s lips on my ear.

“Because we’re different, you bully people, and I’m the freak with a disabled brother because it’s my fault.” Jake sighed, tightening his arms around me,

“It’s not your fault your brother is in a wheelchair,” I growled, and managed to turn myself around in Jake’s arms. His grip tightened even more. My arms moved up to sit on his chest,

“Seriously just let me go, Jake, you’re just messing with my head.” Jake sighed, before looking me in the eyes,

“Is this messing with you head?” with that, he kissed me, on the lips… hard. My eyes widened at the feeling of Jake’s chapped lips on mine. What is this? This can’t be real.

“Jake?” Jake cut me off,

“Don’t talk… just kiss,” I couldn’t fight it, so I kissed him back. My hands moved from his chest to have one sit at the back of his neck, and the other holding his cheek, moving him harder against me. My mouth opened up as I began to kiss Jake harder,

“Felix…” I sighed, continuing to kiss him,

“What?” Jake pulled away,

“We need to go,” I frowned, a confused look crossed my face,

“Why?” Jake laughed,

“The bell went. We’ll be late for class.” Felix gasped, before pulling away from me. I let him,

“Sorry… that shouldn’t have happened. I need to go,” Jake nodded,

“Yeah, of course,” I frowned as I grabbed my bag, which had dropped off my shoulder as I was pulled into Jake’s grip earlier. I was about to leave when Jake called out to me,

“Felix.” I froze,

“What Jake?” Jake sighed,

“Meet me here at the break. Please?” I didn’t agree or disagree.

“Maybe,” and with that, I ran off to my locker where Ellen was waiting with a pissed look on her face,

“What crawled up your ass and died?” Ellen scoffed,

“You ditched me.” I let out a bitter laugh at her,

“Ellen, you ditched me.” Ellen scoffed again,

“No, you ditched me,” I frowned,

“Ellen, you ditched me after I made that comment about Jake and his gang,” Ellen growled at me,

“To think I like you. Leave me alone,” my eyes widened as I backed away from Ellen,

“You like me?” She scoffed,

“Of course I liked you. Do you really think I would hang out with you all these years if I didn’t? God, you’re horrible, I can’t believe I liked you. Don’t talk to me again… ever,” with that she stormed off. Okay, that was weird. Did she expect me to realise my feelings for her and run off after her, confessing my love for her or some shit?

I shook my head, dropping the thought from my head. I grabbed my books from my locker and shoved them in my bag running to class. I arrived right on the bell, so technically, I wasn’t late. My teacher, Mr Bates, turned to the door as he saw me,

“Ah, Felix, just in time, that’s new,” I rolled my eyes before taking a seat up the back. There was still an empty seat next to me, but everyone was in class… except for Ellen. I sighed resting my head on my hands which were in front of me on the table.

The class flew by, and it was now break. In the whole hour and a half I had been locked in that room, I couldn’t stop think about Jake… that kiss before… it just, I liked it. I just… I had never been kissed before, but it sure seemed like Jake had. How many other people had he kissed in his life? I refused to believe that no one had kissed him before. I furrowed my brows as I thought more about whether or not to go to the classroom or not. If I go, will he pull a prank on me, or is he serious about this whole thing? Because I have no fucking clue...

I sighed as I walked to the classroom. I know I am going to regret this. I stood out front of the door for a minute before actually going in. If I get attacked, I need to remember to stay away from Jake as much as possible, and even if I don’t get attacked, I am going to stay away from him as much as possible, which may be hard because for some annoying reason, I really don’t want to be away from Jake.

Great… I am either going to my death or going to my death. This is going to be fun… not. As I slowly slid the door open, there was Jake sitting on a table. His head lashed up and he smiled,

“Hi.” I frowned as I closed the door locking it. Yep… I just got myself killed,

“Hi Jake, what do you want this time?” Jake frowned,

“You couldn’t tell?” I shook my head,

“No, you didn’t give me that many hints. How the fuck was I supposed to know?” Jake smirked,

“I thought it was obvious,” he said as he hopped off the table and moved towards me. I felt like I should back away, but my body refused and I moved closer.

“Why are you doing this Jake?” Jake smiled,

“I don’t even know, but I like it. I like you, a lot. And I can’t control it anymore.” I frowned,

“And how long have you been controlling it exactly?” by now I was right in front of Jake. He placed his hands on my hips and lifted me up sitting me on a table. I squeaked and grabbed the table as soon as I was sitting.

“Do you remember the last time I beat you up?” I stopped and thought about it for a moment,

“Was that the time you stopped after only hitting me a few times?” Jake nodded, spreading my legs to stand in between them. I gasped as his hand rested on my leg,

“Since then… that’s how long I have liked you. When I was hitting you, I felt something. And it scared me so I ran off. After that, I couldn’t touch you without feeling that feeling. And I loved it, so I stuck with just bumping into you and not hitting you. I can’t stop thinking about you Felix… I just…” he trailed off. I rolled my eyes, a new courage taking over me,

“Oh just shut up,” and with that, I grabbed both sides of his face and kissed him. I watched as his eyes widened at my advance, before smiling and returning my kiss. The hand that wasn’t on my leg moved from where it was onto my cheek, holding me close. While my hands moved from holding the table to holding onto Jake’s neck.

It was bliss, and both of us knew it was very wrong, but for now. We would forget about the truth because quite frankly it hurts. For some reason, it hurt to know that Jake liked me… I mean, he bullied me for years! And now we are making out in a school classroom, I don’t believe it. And I really, really hope that I am not dreaming right now.

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