Dear Diary

Dear Diary, I can't get him out of my head, he's all I can think of, I think I might be falling in love with him.


2. chapter 2

1 year ago


Dear diary, today is my first day of high school and being a freshman, you can say I'm pretty nervous, anyways wish me luck ~ Carly


I walk into school with my 2 best friends Kasey and Kayley trying to find out lockers and our first period class.

" I can't believe we're in high school now!!" Kasey says.

"Right, I feel more grown up and more free." I say.

"What do you have 1st period guys?" Kayley says.

"I got art." I say.

"And I got study hall, what about you?"

"I got living environment." Kayley says.

So we separated from each other cause all of our classes were in different floors.

As I walked up the stairs and to my classroom I bumped into a guy.

"Can you watch where your going?!" He says

"Oh my god I am so sorry." I say

I knelt down to help him pick up his stuff, as I helped him out and I looked up at him and let me say I don't know if I ever saw anything or anyone as handsome and beautiful as him. His perfectly curly hair, his face texture, and those perfectly beautiful green eyes of his.

He looked up at me and says, "I'm the one who should be saying sorry, I shouldn't of have snapped at you like that."

"That's fine I accept your apology." I say with a smile.

"Anyways I'm Harry I'm a sophomore and you look like a freshman that is lost."

"Yeah I'm a freshmen but I think I know where l'm going, which is room #.212 and I'm pretty sure it's right down that hall."

"It's actually down that hall." As he pointed down a hallway.

"Oh, thank you."

"No problem and hey like I said I'm sorry."

"It's fine sorry for bumping into you."

I walk into my class and all the seats were full where most of the people I knew so I had to next to a guy with brown eyes and brown hair. His hair was kind of like in a wave form style, if you can put it that way. I also sat next to a girl with long kind of like dirty blond hair and she had braces, she was pretty.

When the teacher called out attendance I finally got the names of the people who were sitting next to me, the guy's name is Zayn Malik and the girl's name is Emily but I forgot what her last name was.

I had only had 2 classes with Kasey and 1 with Kayley which sucked, so in lunch I sat next to my other friends but we're not so close like how me and Kasey, and Kayley are.

When it was the end of the day and time to go home I kind of was glad, the first day of school was pretty boring, all we did was sit there while the teacher was just talking about what we're going to be doing this year.

I only saw that Harry guy once again while I was walking to my class, all he did was gave me a quick smile and little wave, I gave him one back. I really wanted to talk to him again, but I didn't and I wouldn't know what to say for sure. He seems like a charming guy but he also seems like he ha a dark side to him like a badass side.

As the weeks went by I still haven't talked to Harry, he eventually stopped smiling and waving at me in the hallways. I did se something that pissed me off. He got into a fight with this guy that looked like he was in Harry's grade. Harry had this pissed off, and frightening face, that I really didn't like. He eventually got called down to the principles office and I'm pretty sure he got suspended because e wasn't at school for a few days.

When he came back he still didn't say a word to me, which kind of pissed me off because I know he knows that I have been looking at him, and I'm pretty sure that he knows that I wanna talk to him. He seemed like a complete asshole now though, I should've known that anyways, the way he spoked to me on the first day of school when he said, "Can you watch where your going!?" Even though he said his sorry, but still I should've saw it in his eyes, but at that moment I was falling for his gorgeous flaws. He also seemed like a player too, I saw him kissing a girl in the hall ways while I was on my way to the bathroom, than the same day later on when school was over I saw him kissing a girl behind the school building.

Authors Note

Hope you guys like these 2 chapters, sorry if it's pretty boring, it's my first fanfic, but it'll get better each chapter I promise, I should have another chapter up this weekend!!

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