It's All in Your Mind

Anya has been dropped off at a Sanatorium for schizophrenia. She's become great friends with the head doctor's daughter, Ember. Her hallucination that shows up the most is a young boy by the name of Sorin. If I tell you anymore, I'm afraid I'll spoil the story.


3. Nothing is as it Seems

Ember leads the way through the hospital with Sorin and Anya keeping watch for the demons.
“They have no purpose,” Anya whispers. “They’re really here, but they aren’t attacking.”
“Are they ghosts of dead patients?” Sorin asks.
“Could be,” Ember answers.
The three stop dead in their tracks.
“Ember,” Anya says slowly. “Did you just answer Sorin?”
“I did,” Ember nods slowly.
“You can hear me?” Sorin asks.
“I can,” Ember turns around to look at the two. “And I can see you.”
“That’s not possible,” Anya lets out a breath. “He’s from my mind.”
“Are we really questioning what’s real?” Soring asks.
“You’re right,” Ember says. “I’m glad to meet you Sorin, but there’s no time to question why any of this is happening. We need to find my mother, and take her down.”
“Ember’s right,” Anya says. “Enough questioning. We’ve got an evil doctor to take down.”

After roaming the demon filled halls of the hospital searching for the Doctor, the trio finally reach the last place she could be.
“All right guys,” Ember turns to face the other two. “My mother is on the other side of that door,” she points back at the door.
“You mean, the evil doctor,” Anya glares at the door.
“How can we take her down?” Sorin asks. “We don’t have any weapons, and she’s bigger than us.”
“This is her lab,” Ember crosses her arms over her chest. “This is where she mixes and makes all the medicine. This is where I know she has Anraku; a drug that can kill humans.”
“Do you know where it is?” Anya asks.
“Everything is labeled, if I keep her distracted, you guys can get it.”
“On three then?” Sorin asks.
“How about on one?” Anya pushes past Ember and puts one hand on the door handle. “One,” she twists the handle and bursts open the door.
The Doctor is at her desk doing some sort of paperwork with her face hidden by her long, brown hair.
“Mother!” Ember rushes past Anya and right to the front of her mother’s desk. “What are you doing? We have to get out of here. There’s demons everywhere.”
“Oh Ember,” the Doctor looks up with a malicious smile on her face and evil burning in her brown eyes. “There’s no reason to be afraid. The demons won’t do you any harm.”
“Then why have they appeared?” Ember continues to act like it’s all gotten to her.
“Why don’t you ask Anya? She knows why all of this has happened. She knows why Sorin has suddenly appeared to you. She knows why you can see the demons. Just ask, and she will answer.”
Everyone in the room stops and looks at Anya.
Sorin, with the syringe of Anraku in his hands, is frozen with shock. All he has to do is rush over and inject the drug into the Doctor. If only his body would move.
“Anya, what’s going on?” Ember slowly asks.
“I don’t know,” Anya shakes her head. “I know as much as you do. She’s the evil one here. She should be telling us!”
“Oh Anya,” the Doctor slowly stands up. “Poor, poor, Anya. Think. Really think to how you ended up here.”
“My mother admitted me.”
“Think harder. Do you feel like there are gaps in your memory?”
Anya takes a second to think about her life up until now. “I guess so, but that’s normal.”
“Oh Anya,” the Doctor slowly shakes her head. “I feel so sorry for you. You’re going to die and never know the truth.”
“I’m not going to die!”
“Then kill me!” the Doctor steps away from her desk. “Kill me now!”
“I will!”
With those words, those two simple words, the Doctor vanishes.
“How did you do that?” Sorin asks.
“Because none of this is real,” Anya answers. “It’s all in my mind.”
“I’m glad you’ve finally realized, Anya,” Ember sweetly smiles. “Now you can wake up.”
Everything vanishes and Anya is left in the darkness. “Wake up?” She questions. “Wake up!”
With that, Anya vanishes.
It’s all in your mind echoes through the darkness.


And that is all! I have an idea for a short sequel that I may get around to one day. But, hope you liked this short story of mine. It was very fun to write, and got me away from fan fictions.

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