It's All in Your Mind

Anya has been dropped off at a Sanatorium for schizophrenia. She's become great friends with the head doctor's daughter, Ember. Her hallucination that shows up the most is a young boy by the name of Sorin. If I tell you anymore, I'm afraid I'll spoil the story.


2. Dead of the Night

Anya awakes with a jolt, sitting straight up in her bed. The darkness that surrounds her is filled with what appear to be demons. Creatures that do not look friendly at all. Creatures that the devil would be proud of.
It’s all in your mind.
“Sorin,” Anya chokes out.
“I’m here,” the boy’s voice whispers.
“Do you see what I’m seeing?”
“The demons? Yes.”
“What’s going on? This has never happened before.”
Before Sorin can offer up an explanation, a scream rings out. A girl’s scream. A scream that can only belong to one person: Ember.
“It might not just be us seeing things,” Anya sighs. “I’d hate for Ember to go through what I do.”
“What if the demons aren’t in your mind?” Sorin asks.
It’s all in your mind.
“They are,” Anya slowly maneuvers out of bed.
“How can you be so sure?” Sorin questions.
“Because demons, spirits, and things of that nature aren’t real. So, knowing that, these must be images my mind is creating.”
The two exchange a look before heading out of the room.
Darkness seems to swallow the hallway as they try to plan where to go next.
“I need to find Ember,” Anya states.
“How are you able to be so brave right now?” Sorin asks.
“I know it’s all in my mind, but they still look freaky. If I focus on just finding Ember, I can be brave.”
“Do you know where Ember goes when everyone goes to bed?”
“Somewhere nearby, I’m guessing,” Anya shrugs. “I’m not permitted to leave my room. Well, not unless the Doctor wants me to take tests somewhere,” she cringes at that thought.
The Doctor’s tests aren’t what many would call normal. They’re a bit unorthodox, in fact.
“You okay, Anya?” Sorin asks.
“No, I’m not. I’m in a hospital because I’m not normal,” Anya is hyping herself up to go on a rant. “I’m seeing things I never have before. And I have a bad feeling.”
“A bad feeling?”
“Yeah, tonight isn’t going to end well.”

After wandering around for a while, luck would have it that Anya and Ember run into each other. Literally.
“I’m so sorry,” Ember holds out her hand to Anya.
“I’m fine,” Anya grabs the outstretched hand. “I’ve been hoping to find you. I have been so worried since I heard you scream.”
“You heard that?” Ember’s cheeks start to become a light red. “I’ll have to admit, that was one of my lesser impressive moments.”
“Why did you scream?”
“Did you not see all the things?”
Anya lets out a laugh, “You’re going to have to be more specific on what the things are. I see things all the time.”
“The demons,” Ember’s voice is barely above a whisper.
It’s now that Anya sees how scared the poor girl in front of her actually is.
“It’s going to be all right, Ember. What’s happened since you awoke?”
“Can we go to a place where I feel safer? More at ease. The demons are starting to notice us.”
“I agree,” Sorin says. Anya almost forgot he was there. “We need to move, or else it’s not going to be pretty.”

“That’s impossible,” Anya shakes her head. “Things like that aren’t real.”
“Explain me seeing him though,” Ember quickly glances around. “He was there. He told me my mom’s secrets. He told me things only he would know. I don’t see things,” she places a hand over her heart. “My father was really there.”
“Okay, all right. Tell me exactly what happened.”
“Well, I awoke with a start and felt really uncomfortable. I blinked and tried to snap myself out of the nightmare I was clearly in. I couldn’t, and it was then that I realized it was all real.”
“Well, no way,” Sorin rolls his eyes.
“Then my dad was there. He told me all my mother has done. She killed him. My mother killed my father. He didn’t want her to continue what she was doing. He tried to stop her, and she just killed him.”
“What has she been doing all this time?” Anya asks.
“Terrible, terrible things,” Ember is on the verge of tears.
“What? Tell me.”
“She’s been doing experiments on the patients. The pills you take, every day, they’re different.”
“No, that can’t be right. They always look and smell the same.”
“That’s because the main ingredient is nutmeg. If taken correctly, it helps hallucinations.”
“That’s why I feel a little weird when you take them,” Sorin says. “I’m becoming stronger and more real to you with every pill.”
“And that’s just for people like you. People who have schizophrenia,” Ember takes a deep breath. “My mother has divided the hospital up into sections. Different mental illnesses in different areas of the building. She’s testing different drugs on them.”
“She’s using us,” Anya goes to punch the wall but Sorin holds her back.
“That’s not all,” Ember now has tears falling down her face.
“What else!” Anya screams out in frustration.
“He told me I had a sister. That we’re close friends and play chess all the time.”
Anya looks over at Ember and sees a smile on her face. “Us? We’re sisters?”
“Different mothers, but still sisters,” Ember nods.
“Well then, Sis, let’s go take down the evil mother,” Anya wickedly smiles.


Hope you liked it! :D

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