It's All in Your Mind

Anya has been dropped off at a Sanatorium for schizophrenia. She's become great friends with the head doctor's daughter, Ember. Her hallucination that shows up the most is a young boy by the name of Sorin. If I tell you anymore, I'm afraid I'll spoil the story.


1. Checkmate

It’s all in your mind. These are the words Anya keeps hearing as her purple eyes bore into the chessboard. She has a choice to either move her pawn up one or use her rook to take one of her opponent’s bishops.
“Take her bishop,” Sorin whispers to Anya. His bright blue eyes pleading her to take his advice.
“Shut up,” Anya snaps, brushing some of her frizzy black hair out of her face.
“Is Sorin back?” Ember asks about the boy only the purple eyes can see.
“Yeah, and he’s trying to tell me how to play chess,” Anya rolls her eyes.
“My move will set you up for the win,” Sorin shakes out his shaggy blond hair before pushing it out of his eyes.
“I don’t think a boy, two years younger than me, knows more about the game that I’ve played for most of my life.”
“Have you considered the move?” Ember asks.
“She hasn’t,” Sorin crosses his arms and groans.
“I mean, Sorin is a part of you.”
Anya forces herself to look up at the girl sitting in front of her, “A very small part.”
Ember lets out a giggle, her gold eyes light up in amusement. Her fiery red hair swaying as she barely wiggles her head. “Still a part of you.”
“An annoying part,” Anya grumbles as she looks back down at the chessboard.
“I’m not annoying,” Sorin shoves Anya.
Ember giggles as Anya turns to glare at the boy only Anya can see. “You better make your move, Anya. Time’s running out.”
Anya sighs as she adverts her gaze from the smiling boy. “Darn it, Sorin, you wasted all my time.”
 “My move is perfect,” Sorin goes to move the rook.
“Don’t touch anything,” Anya says slowly.
“Fine, but you know I’m right.”
Anya groans as she follows Sorin’s plan.
Ember watches on as the girl across from her has a conversation with the imaginary boy for the remainder of the game. It’s taken many years for Ember to understand Anya’s world. Being around people like her for years before she came to the mental hospital helped.
The red head sighs as she wishes she could have an imaginary companion. When her dad passed away last month she begged her mom to tell her how to imagine one up. Her mother, the head doctor of the sanatorium, refused to tell her. She didn’t want Ember to ever become one of the patients.
It starts with a patient’s loved one admitting them into the only mental hospital in the county. Then it’s all downhill from there.
“Checkmate,” Anya smiles as she moves her knight into position.
Ember snaps back to reality and looks over the board. She lost. Again. “Nice game, Anya,” she smiles and starts to move the pieces back to their starting places.
“I told you my move would set you up for the win,” Sorin remarks.
“Just shut up Sorin,” Anya groans.
Ember giggles, “You two are so cute.”
“There’s nothing cute about his being a smart mouth.”
“She can’t even see me, yet she thinks I’m cute,” Soring starts smiling like an idiot. “Tell her I think she’s pretty.”
Anya grimaces as she takes in what the young boy just said. It’s hard to wrap her head around why Sorin has appeared. Why he started showing up a lot more since she came to the hospital.
Around the age of five, Anya showed signs of having an imaginary friend. Normal for a kid, but as she grew up, he never went away. In fact, he grew up with her. Anya’s mother didn’t know what to do to make her child normal. To let her imaginary friend go. Desperate, she took Anya, then ten, to the hospital hoping they could fix her daughter. Little did she know what they would do to her poor child.
Now almost six years later, Anya’s mother has moved far away and gives no effort to contact her only daughter. She thinks the hospital is helping her. She thinks she’s having the time of her life getting better. She thinks all this, but knows it’s probably not true. If it were, Anya would be by her side.
“All right Anya, ready for your pills?” Ember asks as she fills a glass with water and gets out the multiple pills Anya has to take every afternoon.
“No, I hate taking the pills,” Anya crosses her arms over her chest and pouts.
“They make me feel funny,” Sorin places a hand over his stomach.
“Even Sorin hates them, and he doesn’t even take them,” Anya is starting an argument.
“Don’t argue with me, Anya,” Ember sighs. “You know you have to take these pills. My mother has prescribed them to you so you have to take them.”
“I know, I know,” Anya sticks her tongue out and makes a disgusted face. “She’s the doctor. She knows what to do. Even if they don’t work sometimes,” she mumbles the last part.
“I don’t think she gives you the same pill,” Sorin says. “I think you’re a test subject for her to figure out how different mixtures of drugs work.”
“You think?”
“Think what?” Ember asks.
“Nothing, Sorin is just being annoying.”
“Am not!” Sorin exclaims.
“You are,” Anya nods confidently.
“Well, enough small talk,” Ember holds out the glass of water and multiple pills to Anya. “I have many other patients to visit, so just take these.”


This is just a short story, which won't have that many chapters, but if it gets enough love I might keep it going once I run out of all that I wrote for school. Hope you liked it! :D

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