American Psychos

Jupiter is, well yes a planet, but in this case not so much. Jupiter is a girl trying to start fresh in Manchester with her best friend Daisy.


2. 02 : unpacking

I was sleeping on my blow up mattress with a giant hoodie wraped around me and a very thin blanket when someone knocked on the front door. I groaned and threw my blanket off of me and slowly stood up.


I was walking towards the door as the knocking got louder and louder, what do these people want? It's too early in the morning for this. I swung the door open to see a tall, pale boy with black hair. 


"Can I help you?" I asked quietly, rubbing my eyes.


"Sorry, I didn't mean to wake you. I am your downstairs neighbor, my roomate and I got you this house plant." He said handing me the house plant.


"Oh, uh- thank you" I said setting the house plant down next to the door frame and hollered for Daisy. "Daisy! Get in here!" 


The boy looked at me oddly as Daisy trudged up to the door with her eyes closed. "Daisy, this is-" I stopped and looked at the boy.


"Phil," he said, shaking both of our hands. "And my roomates name is Daniel, but he was too lazy to walk up the stairs.


We all laughed as Phil had to leave, so we decided to get ready and walk around and explore instead of unpacking like we should be.


I slipped my adidas hoodie and my ripped leggings, putting my hair in a bun and doing my makeup. When I was ready I slipped on some shoes and put my phone in a case. 


When I left my room again, Daisy was ready and waiing by the door on her phone. "Ready?" she asked, I nodded and we left.




"I love it here," Daisy siad while she looked at the sky smiling as we walked down the street with our bubble tea. 


"I do too," I smiled slightly, sipping my tea while I window shopped in various stores. We entered a little video game store to find the many, many shelves stocked with tons of games and a flat screen tv where there were different consoles set up in front of it, so people could test out the games.


Daisy and I seperated and wandered around the shop. I was browsing through the assortment xbox 360 games when this person stood next to me, looking at the games. Our shoulders were only a few inches apart, when I looked up I saw a tall, very tall compared to me, boy with brown hair.


"That game is my favorite," The boy said as I grabbed the last Portal 2. "I'm Dan," He said turning towards me, extending a hand.


"I'm Jupiter," I said, shaking his hand. 


He chuckled. "What?" I asked raising my eyebrows. 


"It's a very unique name, but I like it." Dan said.


"Oh," I said as I looked away.


"Jupiter, let's go!" Daisy yelled, "Hurry I'm hungry!" 


"I should go," I said, placing the game back on the shelf and turned around, heading towards Daisy. When I got to where she was, we left the shop quickly.




After leaving the video game store, we went back home and started to unpack. I went to my room to take out my contacts and put on my glasses while Daisy ordered some chinese takeout for us.


We got our food and were sat in the kitchen, unpacking boxes upon boxes. I pulled out a box of plates and bowls and started placing them in the cupboards.


"I hate unpacking." Daisy said, taking a bite of her food.

"Me too, but I can't live with all of these boxes and no bed anymore." I laughed. "Let's turn on some music," I suggested and plugged my phone into the iHome on the counter. I pressed shuffle on Pandora and the first song that came on was Don't Stop Beleiving.


We were dancing and singing while unpacking when there was a knock on the door. Daisy went to answer it while I unpacked a box that was labled utensils. 


"Jupiter!" Daisy yelled, scaring the crap out of me. I ran towards the door to see Phil and the same guy from the video game store. 


"What's up?" I asked Daisy, pretending to ignore the two boys at the door. 


"Dan and Phil want to help us unpack," Daisy said with one hand of hers on the door.


"Then let them in," I said and walked back to the kitchen to finish unpacking the last few boxes assigned to that room. I turned the music down just a little and started to quietly sing along, so the others wouldn't hear me. I finsihed my dinner and headed to the living room to start setting up the tv.


I slid the flat screen out of it's box and dumped out the cords. I attached the wall mount to the wall in front of where our sofa was supposed to go and started hooking up the wires. 




sorry this is dumb. oh well.

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