I'm Not a Poet But...

Just a collections of poems that I've written. Hope you like them.


12. Soulmate

I’ve been searching for you my whole life,
And I can’t seem to find you.

I found my best friends,
They showed up a little late,
But weren’t too hard to find.

Every time I think I’ve found you though,
It turns out I’m wrong and end up heartbroken.
It’s not hard for me to crush,
My brain hates my heart for it,
But my heart can’t help it.

Some days I wonder if you’re truly out there,
Hoping to meet me as soon as possible.

I wonder how we’ll meet,
If it’ll be like my stories,
Or something plain and boring.

I hope we start out as friends,
And slowly work into a relationship.

We will be so weird together.
Play video games together.
Do so many things together.

However, I have to find you first,
So where are you?

My soulmate, I need you.
I’ve been searching for so long.
I just need someone to love.

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