I'm Not a Poet But...

Just a collections of poems that I've written. Hope you like them.


22. Dropout Drummer

I am a dropout who drums.

I wonder if my band will make it.

I hear the unwritten songs.
I see the smiles on girls from countries I’ve never visited.

I want us to make it, for

I am a dropout who drums.


I pretend to be mature to keep the boys focused.

I feel like sometimes we run in circles.

I touch the lives of people I’ll never know.

I worry we aren’t good enough to make it.

I shout when I think of us failing, for

I am a dropout who drums


I understand not every band can succeed.

I say we need to try our hardest.

I dream of playing sold-out arenas.

I try and be the grown-up and keep us on task.

I hope that we don’t fail, for

I am a dropout who drums.

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